Panther 5.53 New Features


This document describes the new features in Panther 5.53


Panther Client

38870 Modernization for Windows GUI

38871 Set COM/DCOM properties whose values are SAFEARRAYs, .i.e. in excel spreadsheets†††

38799 Added toolbar item to open Widget List in IDE

38903 Double clicking item in Widget List opens/raises Properties Window

38922 More information in About Box in IDE


Panther Web Broker

38856 New Ďatí Variables for HTML Emitterís Metadata & Extended Template Syntax for Web Properties

38859 Prevent emitted widget data from using   in place of ' '

38861 Added support for @webid in POST'ed data

38863 Support for server-side scripts, such as JavaScript, in Panther HTML templates (URL)

38809 JServer returns png files located in libraries or SMPATH


Panther Migration Utility

38908 Migration Utility Improvements


Database Driver


38939 Support for Oracle 19c


38866 Network authentication for CT Library connections