Prevent emission of non-breaking spaces in place of normal spaces in widget data


This new feature adds support for a new widget and form property, PR_NO_NBSP.  This new property can be applied to forms and widgets of all types.  Its default value is PR_NO.  When set to PV_YES, when the Jserver emits HTML for the object to which it was applied, it will not emit non-breaking spaces ( ) in place of normal spaces.


The new property may be set in JPL like this:


mywidget->no_nbsp = PV_YES


Note that the object will not be emitted with a style attribute of, "white-space:nowrap," where it would otherwise be the default functionality to do so.  This does not apply in the case of label text that is emitted without a parent element other than the <td> that is part of the table for the form or grid widget containing that label.  The <td> will be emitted with a style attribute containing "white-space:nowrap" unless the containing grid frame widget or form itself has its PR_NONBSP property set to PV_YES.


Also, when a container object, such as a form or grid frame widget, has its PR_NO_NBSP property set to PV_YES, all objects contained within that container object are emitted as if the property were set to PV_YES for them as well.


The new property may also be assigned within the Properties Windows in Edit mode of the Screen Editor.  It is also supported by F2asc.