Support for network authentication for Sybase connections using CT Library



This feature adds support for network authentication for Sybase connections using the CT Library version of Panther's Database Driver for Sybase.


Three new connection options are supported:






NETWORKAUTH takes a Boolean value.  Acceptable values for TRUE are "1", "ON", "TRUE", and "YES".  Acceptable values for FALSE are "0", "FALSE", "OFF", and "NO".  If the option is not used, its default value is FALSE, and then authentication is based upon the provided username and password, as before.


If NETWORKAUTH is TRUE, strings for SERVERPRINCIPAL and MECHANISM must also be provided.  Otherwise a "Logon denied" error is reported, with no further detail.


When NETWORKAUTH is TRUE and the two other new connection options are used, values for the CT Library connection properties CS_SEC_NETWORKAUTH, CS_SEC_SERVERPRINCIPAL, and CS_SEC_MECHANISM are assigned to the connection handle.


Please see Sybase documentation for further information on how to configure the Sybase client and server software in order to enable these properties to be used for network authentication.