Configuration Guide

Chapter 1. Overview

Panther applications depend on a number of environment and setup files in order to run. The installation provides the necessary files and, wherever possible, sets default values for required variables. The files and settings that are required vary on each supported platform (Windows and UNIX). Also, two-tier processing and three-tier processing have different configuration requirements. For example, three-tier processing for JetNet or Oracle Tuxedo applications uses server environment files; two-tier processing omits these files.

This chapter describes the different setup files that are provided in a Panther distribution and their relationship to each other.

Environment Setup Files

A Panther executable—whether it runs on a stand-alone workstation, a client workstation, or on a server—relies on correct environment settings. The distribution provides these in the following setup files:


Windows client

initialization files: prol5w32/64.ini, mbedit32/64.ini

additional files for JetNet and Oracle Tuxedo applications: jetman32.ini, jifedt32.ini

UNIX workstation

resource file: Prolifics

setup file:

additional files for JetNet and Oracle Tuxedo applications:resource files: Jetman, XJIFedit

additional files for Panther/WebSphere applications:prol5unix.ini

Application server

JetNet and Oracle Tuxedo applications: server environment files—proserv.env and machine.env*

Panther/WebSphere applications: panther.ini file or environment settings

Web application broker

Web application initialization file (AppName.ini)

*Supplements settings already established in the environment. (See Chapter 2, "Setting the Enterprise Environment," in the JetNet Guide/ Oracle Tuxedo Guide.)

Workstation Configuration Files

The following table describes the files that configure a workstation for Panther, both for development and deployed applications. All files must be in binary format; source is provided in the distribution and can be edited with any text editor. After making changes, you must convert the modified file to binary with the appropriate utility.

Configuration file Purpose Conversion utility


Used to find other configuration files and setup information.



Contains application variable settings that supplement or override SMVARS file settings.


key translation file

Contains a key translation table for a given terminal.


video file

(character-mode only) Supports a given terminal type.


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