Upgrading from JAM 5 to JAM 7 or Prolifics

Since JAM 5, many new powerful features have been added to the JAM and Prolifics line of products. In order for customers to easily upgrade from JAM 5 to JAM 7/Prolifics, we have provided documentation, tools, and utilities to make the upgrade process easy.


  • Upgrade Guide

    Prolifics and JAM 7 include upgrade information in the on-line documentation.

    Converting JAM 5 Forms

  • Improved f5to6 utility

    The new f5to6 automatically upgrades existing JAM 5 screens into JAM 7/Prolifics format, accommodating for arrays, positioning, and widget sizes.

  • box.awk*

    box.awk attempts to convert extended characters in a JAM 5 ascii screen into a JAM 5 box.

  • container.awk*

    container.awk finds widgets with the same background color as the screen and resets that background color to "container".

    C Code

  • finder*

    This new utility determines which C files written for your JAM 5 application require updating.

  • cconv*

    This utility converts C files written for your JAM 5 application into JAM7/Prolifics format.

    JPL Code

  • jam5conv*

    This utility updates the JPL within JAM 5 forms or JPL files to the proper JAM7/Prolifics syntax.

    * This utility is a UNIX shell script. Thus, it is only available for UNIX platforms or Windows machines with MKS Toolkit installed.

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