Panther 5.54 New Features


Panther Client for Windows

Theme Support for Windows 11

·         Improved borders for SLTs and MLTs

·         Better support for transparency effects


New Grid Frame Widget Features

·         Cell text wrapping (38994)

·         Vertical centering of grid cell text (38993)

·         Checklist Feature (38995)


Git Support (Using Agent Git for MSSCCI)

·         Per-library WorkingDir (39035)

·         Private LocalProjDir (39035)

·         WorkingDir will be created if not present (39039)

·         History during Check-in/Check-out (39036)

·         Library Configuration within Prodev (39046)


Panther Installation

·         Larger installer font; new dialog graphic

·         Version number in default installation directory

·         Version number in Panther Frame title


Support for Visual Studio 2022

·         Updated end-user makefiles (39049)


Automatic foreground graying for fully protected SLTs and MLTs. (39065)

·         Color will switch to COLOR_GRAYTEXT if it would otherwise use COLOR_WINDOWTEXT


Panther Client for Linux   

Improved Terminal emulator support (38990)

·         Xtermvid support for Microsoft Terminal G1 graphics characters (will still work with putty and native X11 xterm.)

·         New xtermutf8vid video file for xterm emulators that support UTF-8 (Docker Desktop CLI; Windows Subsystem for Linux terminals)


Panther Web Broker

Web Content Accessibility  

·         ‘scope’ attributes added to <th> elements for row and column headers (39043)

·         New PR_NO_INNER TABLES application property can prevent inner tables from being generated for input protected and/or entry protected SLTs within cells of a <table> generated for a Grid Frame widget.  Use @app()->no_inner_tables=PV_YES in JPL. (39040)


Database Driver

ODBC Sign-on Security

·         Prevent credentials from being retrieved from RAM while application is running (39020)