New Features in Panther 5.52




This document describes the new features in  

Panther 5.52        




Panther Client

38833                    Export [Environment] section of Windows INI file to OS

38819                    Save a Screen to File System

38759                    Programmatically Resize Grid Widget Column Widths

38790, 38690, 38719

                                Enhanced Auto-Resize and Positioning Capabilities



Panther Web Broker

38675                    External Cache Support with Sample Redis Implementation

  Complete documentation is provided in rdscache.c with the webcache samples folder


38736                    Available Panther Web Debugger with Panther 5.52 Development Cloud


38834                    New Panther Client Application to Panther Web Migration Utility

  See migration samples folder


38805                    Micro-Services/REST support


38805                    External Authentication and Authorization (e.g. Auth0/OAuth 2.0)

                                  See auth0 samples folder


38832                    Static Column Headers for Scrollable Data Grids

38742                    Customize JavaScript alert() function for Built-in Validations

38665                    Customizable Content-Type for Templates

N/A                        Available DataTables REST Demo

N/A                        Available REST Demo for Node.js with DreamFactory Mediation


Panther ReportWriter Features

 38802                   Background Color for Empty Label Space

 38814                   New Comma Separated Value (CSV) Driver

 38769                   Create Password Protected PDF Reports

 38768                   Set Global Property for Default Options (e.g. Simplex Printing)