Package com.prolifics.servlet

Panther Requester Servlet


Interface Summary
Authorization Applications may implement the Authorization interface for use with an external authorization mechanism.
AuthorizationFactory Applications may implement the AuthorizationFactory interface for use with an external authorization mechanism.

Class Summary
FilterHttpServletRequest An HTTP servlet request.
FilterHttpServletResponse An HTTP servlet response.
ProlificsHttpServlet Prolifics servlet.

Exception Summary
AuthorizationException AuthorizationException is thrown by classes implementing the Authorization and AuthorizationFactory interfaces in order to indicate a failure of some sort.

Package com.prolifics.servlet Description

Panther Requester Servlet

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Panther Web and a Servlet Engine using a JAVA 1.6 or later Virtual Machine with Native Thread support enabled.


proweb.jarservlet class files
proweb.javasample source code
filtered.javasample source code
prowebjni.dllservlet native code (MS Windows only)
libprowebjni.soservlet native code (UNIX only)
docs\*HTML documentation


Add proweb.jar to the Servlet Engine's CLASSPATH. You must specify the full path.

Add the directory containing prowebjni.dll ( on UNIX) to the Servlet Engine's PATH (or LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or SHLIB_PATH). Alternatively, on Windows you could copy prowebjni.dll to the Windows directory.

Restart the Servlet Engine.

Start a Panther Web Application.

The application should now be accessible as:
(Replace HOST with the name of the host machine, APPLICATION with the name of the Panther application, and SCREEN with the name of the Panther screen).