Panther 5.54 release and more
  • 38995 Checklist in Listbox Type Select Any in Grid Frame widget

  • 39030 f2asc -b allows field names longer than 31 characters

  • 39035 Panther support for Microsoft Source Code Control Integration

  • 38994 Cell text wraps to two or more lines when the cell height permits

  • 38990 A video file supporting UTF-8 line drawing characters for Windows

  • 39054 FrameTitle in prolw*.ini file to contain exact Panther version

  • 39040 Specify default install folder C:\Prolifics\Panther554

  • 39023 Makefile should copy prodev.exe.manifest to prodev32/64.exe.manifest

  • 39049 Support for Visual Studio 2022

  • 39025 Web Content Accessibility

  • 39043 HTML for grid frames should put 'scope' attributes on <TH> elements for row and column headers

  • 39040 Protected SLTs in grid frame cause inner tables for each SLT

  • 39020 ODBC Credentials retrievable from RAM while application is running


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