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Dear Valued Customers, Partners and Friends,

We hope all of you around the globe are doing well and are staying safe.

Thank you to those who attended our Panther Coffee Hour a few weeks ago. For a replay of the LIVE meeting, please tune in to our YouTube Channel.

The Team is hard at work on our new Panther 5.53 port to be released in January 2021. Below are some of the new features.

Panther 5.53 New Features
  Panther Client
38891 Support foreground color on push buttons that have Theme support
38870 Windows theme support, including modern look for Option Menus, Combo Boxes, Push Buttons, etc.
38871 Set properties whose values are SAFEARRAYs, .i.e. excel spreadsheets
  Panther Web Broker
38832 Added thead tag to allow fixed header when scrolling grid data
38856 Ability to generate prefix markup containing occurrence number being emitted
38859 Prevent emitted widget data from using   in place of ' '
38861 Added support for @webid in POST'ed data.
38863 Support for server-side scripts, such as PHP, in Panther HTML templates.
38809 JServer returns png files
38908 Migration Utility handles field validation as AJAX requests
  Database Drivers
38866 Network authentication for Sybase CT Library connections.
Please contact support@prolifics.com for access to Panther 5.53 as soon as it's released.

Check out our Panther 5.53 Preview Video

Any questions? Reach us at support@prolifics.com
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