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Panther Web now supports REST Architecture
Panther Web now supports a RESTful style of application development by supporting the use of the HTTP methods; GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE for performing CRUD operations on Panther-managed backend resources.
Panther Web can now automatically process JSON formatted data sent on a POST or PUT in order for a Panther screen referenced by the URI to receive that data within Panther fields; the fields can be arrays within a grid for example.

This screen can then be backed by application JPL code that checks the value of the global variable @cgi_request_method in order to determine which operation to perform on the database.
All requests can return JSON responses using Panther HTML Templates. JSON formatted data is most easily consumed and generated by JavaScript code in client applications.
Using this new Panther Web technology, you can now develop your UI using any non-Panther Web technology and use Panther Web only for the backend. It is most suitable for micro-services where you wish to migrate some of your legacy Panther Desktop application code to the web, but not necessarily your full Panther application.
Here is an example of a Panther Web REST url where "users" is the name of your Panther screen.  Upon receiving "/1234"   for a GET request, JSON formatted data associated with only the user whose id is "1234"   will be sent back to the client.

Wanting to call a REST service from Panther Client (prodev)? Watch this video and download the sample.
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