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VOL 5   ISSUE 1   April 2016
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This quarter's JAM/Panther Update includes the following topics:
BREAKING NEWS! Panther 5.50 Release
JAM/Panther Maintenance Amnesty
JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page
Mobile Apps built by Panther NOW RELEASED!
Innovate your Panther Application
To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,

About a year ago, we released Prolifics Enterprise Gateway (PEG) - our simple HTML (REST-like) gateway to access your Panther back-end systems. We’ve seen a lot of interest in PEG, and this month we followed that with the release of Panther 5.50 which includes the new Panther Java Component Application Server, a Java Web Service stub generator for Panther so you can make web service calls to Panther code. In addition, we are now able to invoke HTML/Web Services from Panther. This means your code can now be extended as a service consumer or producer, or act as a lightweight broker (doing both) within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

This month we have also released both an Android and Apple iOS mobile application for defect reporting and tracking of OPRs. The really cool part is that we are providing the capabilities just mentioned, by simply exposing our Panther libraries as callable services to the mobile application code.

In addition to working on our Panther products, the team has developed prototypes that show, build, run and deploy Panther web and mobile applications in a Docker Container architecture. This allows flexibility and portability of applications between the different environments. Our Panther Services Team is available to help you do the same. For help or for more information please contact us at crm@prolifics.com

Mike Hastie
-Chief Technology Officer

BREAKING NEWS! Panther 5.50 Release
We are pleased to announce the release of Panther 5.50 which not only includes new features and bug fixes, but also a new Java Component (JCO) Application Server Engine; a framework and runtime engine for working with Panther service components as Java Objects. Another key feature to this new JCO Server is the ability to now generate JAX-WS based Web Service applications from your existing Panther screens.

Panther JCO is released for Windows 64 bit, Windows 32 bit, Redhat 64 bit & Redhat 32 bit. Panther 5.50 for Solaris, AIX and HP are scheduled to be released in June 2016. Please contact support@prolifics.com to secure your upgrade.

For a list of new features and bug fixes, please visit Panther 550 Release.
JAM/Panther Maintenance Amnesty 
Between now and May 16th 2016, any JAM or Panther license that is currently unmaintained, can be re-instated without any penalties. Simply purchase a minimum of 1 year's maintenance going forward and you will have full entitlement to support services, Panther software, database drivers and license keys on any supported platform.

Keep in mind, you may upgrade to the latest version of the product and associated database drivers at no extra charge. Also please inquire about converting these reinstated licenses to an alternate platform to get the most out of your investment. For example, you can reinstate JAM 7 on Solaris and end up with our latest Panther 5.50/Oracle12c on Redhat Linux or Windows 64bit with 1 year of support.

Please contact crm@prolifics.com to verify your entitlement.
JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page
Stay informed on JAM/Panther going-ons by joining our JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page. This page is run by the Product Team at Prolifics. Feel free to share development and other Panther/JAM related questions and challenges.
Mobile Apps built by Panther NOW RELEASED!
We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the SPIDER Android and iPhone App You can now create, monitor and update your Open Problem Reports (OPRs), right from your mobile devices.

These apps were built in just a few weeks, taking advantage of our new PEG (Panther Enterprise Gateway) product. The Panther back-end JPL/C is untouched and is accessed by the Android and iPhone applications.

Prolifics can help you modernize your Panther and JAM application. Email us at crm@prolifics.com to learn how we accomplished this.

Get the Android app from:
Google Play

The iPhone app will be available in the next few weeks, as it is still under iTunes ‘Review and Approval Process’.
Innovate your Panther Application
We’re currently working with several of our clients to help them modernize their applications, leveraging technologies like HTML5/CSS3 Angular JS, Bootstrap, JQuery, and more. These customers are taking applications that have served them well for many years and they’re being reborn as Web applications. Our Creative Services team can help you create an exceptional user interface based on how your users need to interact with the application. Your application will look brand new and will be easier to use and maintain too. If you don’t have the resources needed to take on a modernization project, we can help as our global delivery model can provide a cost effective way to achieve your goals.

So imagine your application with web user interface customized to match your corporate style and usability guide, with other capabilities like context relevant charts, graphics, video, or audio.
We are seeing a lot of really great innovation and challenges, and these are causing us to reimagine what is possible. The opportunity is unlimited, so let’s get started...

Contact crm@prolifics.com for a Discovery call.
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