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VOL 5   ISSUE 3   Dec 2015
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This quarter's JAM/Panther Update includes the following topics:
Panther 5.5 Release
MSVC 2015 Support for Panther 5
Panther’s Fan Page on Facebook
Prolifics’ very own HelpDesk Mobile app
Migration News: JAM7.36/AIX Character Mode to Panther 5.40/Linux GUI Customer Quote
Dear Clients, Partners & Friends,

2015 is almost coming to a close. We hope that it has been a successful and prosperous year, professionally as well as personally.

During the year we released Alpha version 3 of Panther Enterprise Gateway for Windows allowing developers to expose Panther functionality to mobile devices and web browsers.

We have also been working on our Panther Web Services product which is scheduled to be released along with Panther 5.5 in March of 2016.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and support. Wishing you a season of joy and looking forward to continued success in 2016.

~ Prolifics Product & Support Team

[Trivia Question: Where did JYACC, the original name of Prolifics, come from?] Check your answer at the end the Newsletter
Panther 5.5 Release
These are some of the highlights/new features of Panther 5.5:

• Sybase 16 Support
• Allow user to change how the case of the column names is used when binding using ODBC driver
• New utility to create Web Services from Panther screens
• Better support of Central European characters
• Updates to makefiles making it simpler to apply patches
• Allow directly adding and deleting rows for grids/sync groups
• Ability to set num_occurrences property for fields, grids and sync groups
• In DECLARE CONNECTION statement, allow for PASSWORD without USER for ODBC driver
• New property added to suppress repositioning when windows are maximized/restored
• Report output lines can now be longer than 255 characters
• New Application property to determine whether secured posts is required for web pages.
• Support for MSSCCI source control providers.
MSVC 2015 Support for Panther 5
Panther 5.5 for Windows will support Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, including the Express

For earlier versions of Panther, please contact Prolifics support for a patch to rebuild Panther executables using Microsoft Visual C++ 2015.
Panther’s Fan Page on Facebook (COMING SOON)
Connect to our JAM/Panther Facebook page to see what’s new and to share thoughts/ideas with your fellow JAM/Panther and XMLink developers. icon-fb4.png
Prolifics’ very own HelpDesk Mobile app – powered by Panther Enterprise Gateway (COMING SOON)
Access your Open Problem Request HelpDesk cases directly from your Android phone using “Spider Mobile app”. 
Migration News: JAM7.36/AIX Character Mode to Panther 5.40/Linux GUI Customer Quote
"I would like to thank Prolifics for all the great work they have done to support us in upgrading a legacy JAM7.36/AIX application to Panther 540/Linux and improving the system reliability as well as allowing us to maintain it to continue to support the business operations."

ANSWER: “When one asks around about the origin of JYACC one may get different answers from different people. A commonly accepted story is that JYACC is an acronym for, "Just Yet Another Consulting Company" or even “Just a Young and Aggressive Consulting Company"
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