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This quarter's JAM/Panther Update includes the following topics:
Go Mobile with Panther Enterprise Gateway (PEG)
JAM/Panther Maintenance Amnesty with “FREE” Product Upgrade Program
JAM/Panther on the Cloud
Are you content with your Enterprise Content Management System?
JAM/Panther Customers
Dear Clients, Partners & Friends,
I just want to wish each and every one of you the best of seasonal wishes, and a successful and prosperous 2015. On behalf of myself and the entire Prolifics Product Development & Support team, and the Product Services team, we are excited about what the New Year could bring. We will be delivering the General Availability release of the latest addition to product portfolio the Panther Enterprise Gateway (PEG). This simple to use service allows any development team to leverage their existing libraries as simple HTTP service calls, making it easy to refresh the look of your applications with JavaScript frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap etc. This same easy to use concept also allows us to extend the same libraries to mobile and tablet devices.

One of our New Year’s resolutions is not just to say what can be achieved but to show it as well, so we have ready to show demonstrations of extended Panther applications running on Apple and Android devices. These demos showcase a movie search application that directs you to streaming videos on YouTube or other providers. To make it easy to learn PEG we are putting our instructional movies into the demo and as well as on YouTube. So the future looks bright.

With that said we are still committed to our clients and partners, to your success and making the absolute most from your IT spend. We do not force customers to move to newer versions of software simply because we are releasing a new version. We continue to offer support and patches to our products even as other software vendors force you to upgrade because of Operating System updates or Database updates, and we will continue to do so as long as it is viable. We understand that with most vendors the idea of getting a 10, 15, or 20 year life out of your application is almost unheard of but when it comes to Return on Investment, longevity is a huge differentiator. We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish together.
Happy New Year to one and all from Prolifics!
Mike Hastie,
Vice President Technical Sales
Go Mobile with Panther Enterprise Gateway (PEG)
Want to build a 3-5 screen mobile application in a week? Code your business and database logic using simple to learn Fourth Generation Language (4GL) from proven software.
Accessing your JAM/Panther applications from a mobile device is no longer a myth.
Panther Enterprise Gateway is ready to be shipped.
Download for FREE 30 Day Access, then ONLY pay for maintenance.
Get an architecture diagram and Q&A by clicking on the link below.
JAM/Panther Maintenance Amnesty with “FREE” Product Upgrade Program
Between now and February 6, 2015, any Panther or JAM license that is currently unmaintained, can be re-instated without penalty*. Simply purchase a minimum of 1 year’s maintenance going forward and you will have full entitlement to support services and license keys.
But wait…there’s more.

Keep in mind, you may upgrade to the latest version of the product and associated database drivers at no extra charge. Also please inquire about converting these reinstated licenses to an alternate platform to get the most out of your investment.

Reinstate JAM 7 on SCO and end up with Panther 5.3/Oracle10g on Linux or Windows with 1 year support.

Please contact crm@prolifics.com to finalize your cost before February 6, 2015.

*50% cost of product
JAM/Panther on the Cloud
With the recent end-of-life platform support announcements, we have seen a growth in our Panther and JAM customers running their development, test and production environment on the Cloud. Prolifics has helped organizations in all industries innovate by leveraging the power of the cloud. With technical skills backed by domain expertise, Prolifics can increase your competitive advantage with a cloud strategy designed to reduce costs and increase agility.

Prolifics expert consultants can also manage your applications on the Cloud.

For more information, please contact crm@prolifics.com
Are you content with your Enterprise Content Management System?
Are your Panther and non-Panther file sharing needs being met? Are all your paper and electronic documents related to a “Case” (matter, customer, employee, vendor, invoice, loan, claim, etc) available with a single click from your applications? Can you see which documents are currently available and which ones are required but missing? Can remote users upload needed documents using their existing digital copiers, scanners, MFP devices, Fax and even their Mobile devices? Are you able to use “Smart Folders” and logically organize and securely provide a single source-of-truth for all related documents including their current status? Are you able to add eForms applications and do automated routing and approval of documents in no time?

Please contact crm@prolifics.com if you’re interested in having a Discovery call to explore how you could include enterprise document management and eForms to your applications quickly and cost-effectively.
JAM/Panther Customers
Below is a list of some of our featured Panther and JAM customers:
Dept of Interior National Business Center
Bureau of Land Management
Citibank NA
City of Largo , FL
City of Phoenix Municipal Court, AZ
Fidelity Investments
City of Phoenix
National Business Center
Bureau of Land Management
Guardian Life
Banque Paribas
Tengra Systems
Hopital Cantonal Universitaire
Cerner France
London Life
Sappi Fine Paper
Fidelity Invesments
BNP Paribas
Privredna banka Zagreb
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