JAM/Panther Newsletter
Volume 4 Issue 2 2014

This quarter's JAM/Panther Update announces the release of Panther 5.40.  Also included is an exclusive Panther Web Linux Promotion that is not to be missed!  We also have an article written by one of our customers about their recent application migration from JAM 5.04 to Panther 5.20. In addition, this update explains the benefits of using the new TRACE feature to debug Panther applications.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Panther 5.40 Released!
Summer Promotion: Free Upgrade to Panther Web on RHEL
Migrating JAM 5.04/SCO/Oracle 8 to Panther 5.20/Linux/Oracle 11 in less than 30 days
Help! What's going on with my Panther Application?

Panther 5.40 Released

Panther was released earlier this month for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit.  Some of the new features/functions include:

  • JPL switch/case/default statements
  • Support Express versions of Microsoft Visual C++
  • Support Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 and 2013
  • Support Oracle 12c
  • Ability to Pass Java Objects as parameters
  • Ability to color text in reports
  • Better compliance with HTML-5
  • A function to retrieve values from the environment

For a complete list of New Features & Fix List, please see http://docs.prolifics.com/panther/main/release.htm

Bookmark our updated Documentation Page at http://docs.prolifics.com/.
JAM 5 developers?  Yes we have JAM 5 documentation available for you.
For current Panther supported Platforms & Databases List, see above link.

Other platform releases include RedHat, Linux, AIX and HP.  Please email support@prolifics.com for release dates.


SUMMER PROMOTION: FREE Upgrade conversion Panther or Panther/Web Broker on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

For a limited time, Prolifics is offering an incentive to help customers and partners who are looking to migrate their applications to Red Hat Linux.

If you have a current support contract, you are eligible for a FREE license upgrade.  Prolifics will exchange one existing JAM, Panther or Panther Web Broker license to Red Hat Linux (RHEL) at no cost.  Maintenance will be transfer as well.

Also included is a high-level assessment of your applications to help you determine the effort required to migrate to the Web environment.

Don't have a current support contract?  No problem.  We can reinstate your support, so you can take advantage of this offer.

For more information, please contact crm@prolifics.com.



Migrating JAM 5.04/SCO OpenServer to Panther 5.20/Linux in less than 30 days

 “We recently engaged the Panther Migration Team at Prolifics to migrate our JAM 5.04/SCO/Oracle 8 (32-bit) BILLING and ONLINE client-server applications.  They seamlessly migrated these JAM applications to Panther 5.20/Linux/Oracle 11g (64-bit).

Our ONLINE application is the “bread and butter” of our company and is made up of 200 JAM screens, JPL, and C files.  As a Direct Mailing company, we collect donor information like name, address and donation details.  The Panther applications process the information for future mailings, donation history, etc.

The Team at Prolifics successfully migrated both JAM 5.04 applications that were once housed on an outdated platform and an unsupported database to Linux.  The users can now access the migrated Panther applications via PuTTY or through Prolifics terminal emulator, WSJ (WinSock JTerm-SSH).

The migration work was performed remotely and completed in less than 30 days.  As a result, we are able to extend the applications' functionality in ways we didn’t think were possible!  We continue to utilize the Prolifics Panther Team to help with enhancements to our applications.”

Manny Pellot
Response Dynamics


HELP!! What's going on in my Panther application code?

Trying to fix mysterious problem in a Panther application's JPL, C and Java code? 

Experiencing a crash and can’t figure out which line of code is the culprit?

SOLUTION: Enable the TRACE and DUMP feature in your Panther application's smvars file; at runtime; or using a debugger. Mouse events, keyboard entries, screen/field events, JPL code, C, Java calls, etc. can be logged and dumped to a file.

See sample trace output.  Click Trace Feature for syntax.

Need a patch? Email support@prolifics.com with your Customer ID, Panther version and platform.

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