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October 2013
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Included in this JAM/Panther Quarterly Update is a message from our Vice President and an exclusive 35th Anniversary Promotion that is not to be missed! This quarterly update also highlights Panther New Features and Bug Fixes, details on Panther Report Writers’ new XMLink driver and an article on Panther Events.

A Message from our Executive Team

To Our Valued Panther/JAM Customers,

It was with a lot of fun and fanfare when Prolifics celebrated our 35th anniversary last month. We are truly proud of the tens of thousands of great implementations our customers have successfully deployed with JAM and Panther over the last 35 years or so and feel fortunate to have been there to support all of you. Technology always evolves and changes and we think it is truly an amazing accomplishment that our products have prospered from the early beginnings of Open Systems and Mini-Computers with green screens in the early eighties through Client- Server to the fully enabled Web interfaces our customers are leveraging today. And in some cases the same code base has evolved throughout this transformation!

Prolifics today is a very healthy $100+ MM company that not only continues to serve our Panther customers but also has IBM, Testing and Application Services (Open Source, Microsoft) divisions. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of you over my 22 years at Prolifics and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future. Thanks again for your loyalty and business.


Mike Chadwick
Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Prolifics 35th Year Anniversary Promotion for New Panther Web Development
From now through December 31st 2013, you can purchase your first Panther Development Web Application Broker at 50% OFF and get the first year of maintenance at no additional cost. In addition you will be eligible to receive 8 hours of FREE Quick Start Professional Services to get your web environment going.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, please reach out to Lou Handwerker at
Generating XML Reports

Panther reports can be invoked from an application, a Web browser, or from the command line. The output of the reports can be sent to the screen, printer or to a file.
In addition to supporting txt, pdf, html, and rwm(metafile) formats, you may now generate your reports in XML.

runreport “CreditCardCode.rpt” driver=xml output=’CCcode.xml’ overwrite

Sample output:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<report-node attribute="this is an attribute">

Panther Events

Panther/JAM is an event driven tool. Almost everything that happens during the life span of a Panther application is identified as a type of event. Below is a list of the events that are triggered in order from the time a screen opens until it loses focus.

Order of Panther Events
OPEN Processing: sm_jwindow(sm_*_window), examining LDB before screen for field references
1. The unnamed procedure of the screen
1.1 The unnamed procedure of any public or include file
2. Transaction Manager Initialization
EXPOSE Processing starts here
3. The default Screen Entry function
4. The named Screen Entry function
5. ##Active LDBS flush to screen
6. ##Contexts bits on fields initialized (On open only)
End Screen Entry
Examining the screen before LDB for field references
Begin Field entry: sm_input()
7. The default field entry function
8. The named field entry function
End Field Entry
9. The AUTO Control String of screen on top of stack processed
10. Keyboard opens, display updates if no unprocessed keys

## TM hook functions aren’t allowed to be added to these events.

New Features and Bug Fixes






Generate XML reports with Panther Report Writer



Copies and paper_source options for Windows reports



Ability to log WJS communication details



Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 support



Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 support



Oracle 12c support


WSJ can now connect to platforms that disallow older SSH protocols



Support password encryption during Sybase DB-Library logon



Update generated JavaScript to test whether the __pushed__ form field actually exists



Update Web HTML generation for better compliance with HTML-5



String array IN arguments cause exception in

  37704 strcpy() and memcpy() are being used in places where the source and destination may overlap
  34583 Aliasing of Prolifics fonts now gets translated into Windows fonts when viewing fonts in html
  30024 Ability to change Font Type or Font Point Size for the reports on the Web

Need a patch? Email with your Customer ID, Panther version and platform.

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