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June 2013
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Included in this JAM/Panther Quarterly Update is an exclusive Panther/Web Promotion that is not to be missed! In addition, this update includes Panther 5.30 product updates, our new Spider Tracking System and a new feature allowing you to copy-and-paste data from Panther to/from Windows Clipboard.

Announcing the 2013 Summer Web Promotion:
Panther Web/Broker Quick Start Extravaganza
How We Modernized Our SPIDER Tracking System
NEW FEATURE: Copy Panther Data to/ from the Windows Clipboard
Panther 5.30 Product Updates

Announcing the 2013 Summer Web Promotion: Panther Web/Broker Quick Start Extravaganza

If you purchase one Development Panther/Web Broker license (on any platform) with maintenance before 8/31/2013, you will receive 10 FREE hours of remote, hands-on, consulting that will help you accomplish the capabilities outlined below. You will also qualify for a 15% discount on Deployment Web Broker with maintenance, which may be purchased within one year of this offer.

Configure Panther Web/Broker to work with a Web Server of your choice on your platform.
Configure Panther/Web Broker to connect with your Panther supported Database driver.
Expert advice, tips and tricks to jump start your JAM/Panther application and ensure your pathway to success.

Don’t forget, this will also include a 15% discount on all Deployment Web Brokers and maintenance that you purchase within a year. To learn more, please contact

“Take advantage of this offer before the summer melts away!!!"

Modernizing your JAM/Panther Web App spider

Our online Open Problem Report (OPR) Tracking system, Spider, has undergone a facelift! In short, the modernizing effort of the website was accomplished by simply combining Panther with modern, open-source, JavaScript packages, HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Best of all, the business logic and the database logic was unchanged in the process.

To reveal the new Spider website go to:

To access the new Spider site directly go to:

  • Enhanced JavaScript Menu
  • Updated logo
  • Fields highlight when in focus
  • Button colors & fonts configured with CSS

    • Panther 530/Web Broker

    • 26 Screens

    • 40 JPL files

    • 2 Custom C Files

Our New Spider Website: The web pages have been re-factored with very little effort to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Not only do the pages look better but they comply with one of the popular style standards and its look and feel can easily be adapted.


Former Spider Website

• No menus

• Not aligned

• 1990s look

To discuss how we can do the same to your website, or even to your character mode or GUI application, please contact for a Free Discovery Call. We also have professional services that can perform this cost effectively for you.


NEW FEATURE: New Functions to Copy Data to and from the Windows Clipboard

User callable functions have been added to Panther that allow data from fields to be copied to the Windows clipboard and to be pasted from the Windows clipboard. When data from fields that are NOT word wrapped are copied to the clipboard, the data from the fields are TAB delimited, making it easier to paste data into a spreadsheet. For a word wrapped field, the data is just copied, including any new line and tab characters in the field data.

Similarly, data copied from a spreadsheet can be pasted into a number of fields.

• sm_*_PiMwCopyToClipboard

Copies data from field(s) to the Windows clipboard

    int sm_n_PiMwCopyToClipboard(const char *fields);
    int sm_i_PiMwCopyToClipboard(const char *fields, int from);
    int sm_ii_PiMwCopyToClipboard(const char *fields, int from, int to);

Returns (see below)

• sm_*_PiMwPasteFromClipboard

Pastes data from the Windows clipboard to field(s)

    int sm_n_PiMwPasteFromClipboard(const char *fields);
    int sm_i_PiMwPasteFromClipboard(const char *fields, int from);
    int sm_ii_PiMwPasteFromClipboard(const char *fields, int from, int to);


  0               Success
  PR_E_ARGS problems parsing argument fields or in the values of from or to
  PR_E_ERROR Unable to access the clipboard or field data
  PR_E_MALLOC Memory allocation error

Data in a JAM/Panther grid copied to and from an Excel spreadsheet easily accomplished using the new functions above.

Q2 Panther 5.30 Product Updates






Ability to call the "put" method of a Hashtable object.



Allow 32bit sm_launch() & sm_shell() to start 64bit system executables that do not also have 32bit versions.



Allow sm_receive_args() and sm_return_args() to access COM event arguments.



New functions to copy field data to copy field data, to and from Windows clipboard.



Update xtermkeys for JAM 5 to better match xtermkeys for Panther v 5.*



Add a confirmation dialog before closing WSJ(Jterm) when it is connected.



Prevent Jserver vulnerability to cross site scripting attacks.



Prevent exposure of TCP port to INADDR_ANY instead of INADDR_LOOPBACK .



Randomize the sequence number in webids.



Updated Web Setup Manager to support Chrome and Firefox.



Pass Java Objects as parameter.

  38346 Invoking Panther's Java API from Java methods to invoke sm_obj_call().
  38347 Support for Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) using sm_obj_create(), sm_obj_delete_id(), sm_obj_call(), sm_obj_set_property() & sm_obj_get_property() .

Need a patch? Email with your Customer ID, Panther version and platform.

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