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JAM/Panther Bulletin
May 2018
To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,
This year Prolifics is celebrating its 40th year in business, and although the products and services we provide have changed significantly over this period, our dedication to customer success is unwavering. In the products group, we are pushing the pace of innovation and we have been putting considerable effort into ensuring that XMLink and JAM/Panther can co-exist with modern development philosophies, products, and tools.
We are seeing some great solutions combining Panther and the Web, creating a best-of-both-worlds scenario. We have also seen many customers combine the extensibility of JAM and Panther products to do shop floor control and manufacturing automation.  Thus, our focus remains on how we can bring the best value to you!
We have for many years believed that by permitting you to get more life out of our technologies and offering  support for many previous versions of our products, you get an unprecedented return on investment; one of the best longevities of any technology product in the market.  
So, what’s next? Well, we have been working with our distribution partners and expanding our offshore capabilities and team size. We have also been actively building solution/reference components. Most of the new artifacts are for use with browser-based zero-install applications, as we already have a large library for client-server apps.  Some examples are for application chat, markdown enhanced context sensitive help, as well as RESTful and SOAP based Web Services technologies. Therefore both our managed services and our application modernization services are designed to help you get more out of your current investment.   We also know that some customers are evaluating their vendor mix and changing out various aspects of their IT footprint. Even in these cases, our ability to abstract aspects of the solution and then replace various components over time gives the best path to minimize disruption and risk. 

The bottom line is, whether you are looking for lower cost of ownership, modernization and enhancement, or options for refactoring and replacing, we have professional service options that can help.  Call us at 407 641-0774 or email support@prolifics.com for more information.
Click HERE to view our new Panther/JAM Website today. Also check out our latest Panther TODAY video that will be released May30th 8am EST US.
Mike Hastie
Prolifics Chief Technology Officer
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