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Prolifics Newsletter June 2018 Prolifics Newsletter
Prolifics Newsletter Prolifics Newsletter
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All Panther products on supported platforms that are utilized in your Panther DEVELOPMENT environment are now available at NO COST($0). These products include:
  Panther Client
bullet.png   Panther Web Broker
  Panther JetNet Client/ Application Server/Web Broker
  Panther WebSphere Client/Server/Web Broker

To take advantage of this model, at least one of your Panther licenses must be currently maintained. This new cost model will allow you to add more developers aboard your Panther Projects at NO COST.  
Please contact support@prolifics.com for additional questions.
IT Solutions
Patches Released for Panther 551 in Q2
38790 Grid frame may show only top part of bottom-most onscreen row after auto resize.  This occurs when PR_AUTO_VERT_RESIZE is set to PV_YES for a grid a frame widget
38789 Grid doesn't scroll properly to the bottom after auto resize.
38788 Crash when using mouse wheel to scroll and PR_MOUSE_WHEEL_HOVER_SCROLL    property.
38785 Screen Editor crashes when creating ActiveX control for ExThumbnail ActiveX Control
38784 COM error displayed when assigning a long string value to a property of  the COM object
38783 A failure to call the handler specified by sm_obj_onerror can result in a crash.
38782 COM error on setting color properties to large values.
38781 Retrieval of COM property values that are long strings can crash Panther
38770 Oracle Server version may cause truncation of input  parameters
38775 Double click on a screen's system menu icon (upper left corner) can cause a crash Panther
38780 CDO system for sending mail retains file handles for attachments after  mail is sent
38769 Ability to create a password protected PDF File when generating reports 
IT Solutions
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