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This quarters’ JAM/Panther update announces the following topics:
Panther Web Virtual Workshop
RELEASED!! Panther Web Debugger
JAM/Panther Maintenance Amnesty
To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,
Thank you for being part of our JAM/Panther Subscription list. This issue of JAM/Panther Quarterly contains an invitation to a hands-on Panther/Web Workshop occurring on November the 9th. Also included is information about our Panther/Web Debugger as well as an Amnesty Program that the Team is running till the first week of January 2018.

From your Panther Product Support Team
Panther Web Virtual Workshop
Those of you who missed our Panther/Web Workshop in August, well here’s another chance for you to spend an hour learning what it takes to move your JAM/Panther Client/Server application to the Web. You will learn the basics of migrating JAM/Panther screens to the Web; HTML Templating as well as utilizing JavaScript, Bootstrap, and JQuery in your Panther application. You will also have hands-on experience updating your code in Eclipse using our Plugin.

You’ll log into our Panther Developer Cloud VM and complete lab exercises; migrating several Panther screens to the Web, using Panther/Web, Eclipse etc.

You may work at your own pace. Our Panther Workshop Team will be available to provide you with assistance.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Panther/Web, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap etc.

When: Thursday November 9th
Time: 9:30am – 10:30 am EDT / 1:30 -2:30 GMT
Panther Cloud VM will be available until end the of business that day for you to complete the lab exercises.
Space is limited, so register today!

Register here now!
RELEASED!! Panther Web Debugger
The Panther/Web Debugger is NOW RELEASED. This debugger is a perfect tool to use during your Panther Migration projects as it not only drastically reduces debugging time but it helps you understand the flow of the application.

The Panther/Web debugger is browser based, making it simple to install and configure. Some features of the Debugger:

• Start and Stop the Debugger on the fly (no coding needed)
• View all JPL code that is executing in your application, line-by-line
• Set breakpoints at events, functions, key types
• Play, Step In and Step Over breakpoints
• Inspect values in fields and variables

Contact support@prolifics.com to download the Panther/Web Debugger
JAM/Panther Maintenance Amnesty
Between now and January 5th 2018, any JAM or Panther license that is currently unmaintained, can be re-instated without any penalties. Simply purchase a minimum of 1 year's maintenance going forward and you will have full entitlement to support services, Panther software, database drivers and license keys on any supported platform.

Keep in mind, you may upgrade to the latest version of the product and associated database drivers at no extra charge. Also please inquire about converting these reinstated licenses to an alternate platform to get the most out of your investment. For example, you can reinstate JAM 7 on Solaris and end up with our latest Panther 5.51/Oracle12c on Redhat Linux or Windows 64bit with 1 year of support.

Please contact crm@prolifics.com to verify your entitlement.
What would you like to see in the next Quarterly Update?
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