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VOL 6   ISSUE 5   August 2017
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This quarters’ JAM/Panther update announces the following topics:
Panther/Web Workshop
Debug your Panther Web application?
Calling all Oracle TUXEDO customers
Released Bug Fixes in Q3
To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,
Hope you had a wonderful summer. This issue of the JAM/Panther Quarterly Update contains an invitation to a hands-on Panther/Web Workshop on August 23rd. Do sign up quickly as seating is limited. Also included is information about our latest Panther/Web Debugger as well as some exciting news for our Panther/Tuxedo customers.

If you missed our Panther Cloud Webinar earlier this year, you may watch it here.

From your Panther Product Support Team
Panther/Web Workshop
Ever wondered what it would take to move your Panther Client/Server application to the Web? Join us for a virtual workshop to learn just how easy it would be to move your Panther screens to the Web.

You’ll log into our Panther Developer Cloud virtual machine and complete lab exercises that involves migrating several Panther screens to the Web, using Panther/Web, Eclipse etc.

You may work at your own pace. Our Panther Workshop Team will be available to provide you with assistance if needed.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Panther Web, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap etc.

When: Wednesday August 23rd
Time: 9:00 – 10:30 am EDT / 1:00 -2:30 GMT
Panther Cloud VM will be available until end of business that day, for you to complete the lab exercises.

Space is limited, so register today!
Debug your Panther Web application?
We are in the process of releasing our browser based debugger. This debugger will allow you to debug the JPL code in your Panther/Web application.

Not only will you be able to view the JPL Source, but validate fields and variable values and make calls to built-in JPL functions etc.

Email us to download the Panther/Web Debugger.
Calling all Oracle TUXEDO customers
One of our partners has developed a 100% compatible replacement product for Oracle Tuxedo Middleware, which is now publicly available to our customers. Migration to this product is straightforward, since it does not require any code changes to your Tuxedo or Panther applications. It offers significant cost savings compared to your annual Tuxedo maintenance. Also, this subscription based price model does not require an initial purchase of software licenses.

Please contact support@prolifics.com for details.
Released Bug Fixes in Q3


Trace feature has incorrect line number


Screen opens behind current screen


Repeating values in right justified fields


Some hidden-always widgets affect positioning


Cursor not positioned corrected when tabbing into a passwd fld with select on entry


Connect to Database screen opens with 250 asterisks in passwd fld

Please contact support@prolifics.com to download these patches.
What would you like to see in the next Quarterly Update?
We welcome your feedback at support@prolifics.com
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