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VOL 5   ISSUE 3   October 2016
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This quarter’s JAM/Panther update includes the following topics:
Panther and JPL Eclipse Plugin
Creating Scrollable Grids with Panther/JQuery
JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page
Panther 5.5 Released Patches
To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,

We are terribly excited to announce the release of our JPL-E Eclipse Plugin. Imagine using one IDE to write develop all the code in your application: JPL, C, Java, JavaScript and HTML. The Eclipse Plugin is available to ALL customers at no charge.

Also check out new videos posted on our Facebook page and see what customers are doing with Panther. We are working on implementing more demo videos for customers, to show them how to integrate Panther with other technologies, i.e .NET, etc.

We have had a few patches rolled out for our current release of Panther 5.5. Let us know if you need any? See the article below.

From your Panther Product Support Team

Panther and Eclipse
Download our latest JPL-E from GitHub TODAY http://34.gs/JPLE

What is JPL-E? It’s an Eclipse Plugin for developing JPL code. What can it do?

• Create Panther Projects and Panther Libraries
• Create JPL, Java and HTML files
• Import Panther libraries into Eclipse IDE
• Export Panther libraries from Eclipse IDE
• Validate JPL Syntax for correctness
• Utilize JPL content assist feature
• Maintain Panther files under Subversion system
• Cross reference feature
• Search and compare your entire Panther Project for functions, variables and keywords
• Convert binary screens, reports and menus to ascii
• Edit your Panther ascii screens

Watch our latest videos on:
Installing the JPL-E Plugin
How to use the JPL-E Plugin
Creating Scrollable Grids with Panther/JQuery
Panther grid frames allow groups of widgets to be displayed in a tabular arrangement. In a GUI environment, vertical scroll bara are displayed if the number of rows of data in the grid frame exceed the number of rows that can fit in the visible area of the grid.

In a web environment, Panther grid frames are rendered as HTML tables. Grids are referenced in HTML templates by name, just like other types of widgets.

TIP: In order to have a grid with all of its rows rendered as an HTML table , setting the Auto-Expand property of the grid to YES.

Although this format allows all the rows in the grid frame to be displayed on the page, when the number of rows exceeds the display then the column headers are not visible when the page is scrolled down. We can make the contents of the generated HTML table scroll independently from the rest of the page? Read more.
JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page
Stay informed on JAM/Panther going-ons by joining our JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page. This page is run by the Product Team at Prolifics. Feel free to share development and other Panther/JAM related questions and challenges.
Panther 5.5 Released Patches
  • Generate an 'id' attribute for any HTML element emitted with a 'name' attribute. 
  • ODBC Stored procedures with output parameters can fail in Panther 5.50.
  • When selecting rows into a grid and the number of rows selected into a grid are less than Max.
  • Grid Occurrences can have many blank rows.
  • Add method ww_read to interface FieldInterface.
  • The Panther 5.50 ODBC Driver omits table owners from table names when performing Importing Database Objects.
  • Report Viewer opened from maximized screen leaves the viewer hung, and unable to paint 
  • anything.
  • Error when Panther 550/odbc3 logs into MS SQL Server.
  • Crash when applying styles, when a field has fewer occurrences that the others.
  • Need Linux/Unix support for makews, and better error handling for all platforms in the generated scripts.
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