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VOL 5   ISSUE 2   July 2016
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Included in this JAM/Panther Quarterly Update is details about our new Eclipse JPL-Editor Plugin. Also included is information on how Panther Consultants can help update and/or migrate your Panther applications.
Calling all Eclipse Developers
Prolifics Consultants Migrate your Panther applications
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To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,

We hope that you have been having a thriving summer, as well as taking time off to recharge your batteries. Our Product and Support Team have been busy with our latest innovation, the JPL-Editor Eclipse Plugin. This plugin, takes Panther to newer heights. See below for more information.

There has been a lot of talk by our clients on modernizing their Panther Desktop applications for the browser as well as the need to adapt aspects of their application simply to make it work better in the browser. Our Modernization ToolKit includes dynamic generation of personalized menus using JSON and JavaScript. This allows navigation within the browser application without needing to rebuild the complete page every time, making the navigation smoother and the application itself less chatty. To learn more about this ToolKit, please contact support@prolifics.com.

Enjoy the rest of your summer…

From Panther Product Support Team

Calling all Eclipse Developers
Do you have die-hard Eclipse developers on your team? Well get ready to embrace our latest Eclipse JPL-Editor Plugin. Edit your Java, HTML and JPL source code ALL in ONE IDE!

Some Features:

• Create Panther Projects, JPL, Java, JavaScript and HTML files
• Import Panther libraries containing JPL, Java, Screens and HTML files into the Eclipse IDE
• Search your entire Panther Project for functions, variables and keywords
• Validate your JPL Syntax
• Utilize the JPL runtime properties Content Assist feature
• Edit your ASCII screens
• Export JPL, Screens, Java and HTML files etc. into a Panther library ready for deployment

The JPL-Editor Plugin is available at no cost for customers that are on current maintenance

Email support@prolifics.com to download your Plugin and start developing JPL code in your Eclipse IDE today.
Prolifics Consultants Migrate your Panther applications
Did you know that Prolifics has expert consultants to help you migrate, enhance, or maintain your JAM and Panther applications? Maybe you’d like to migrate your application to the Web. We can help you determine the best strategy for moving your application to the Web and we can help you create a world class user interface that will impress your end users. We’re currently working with a long-time Prolifics client to move their JAM application to the Web. We’ve already created a style guide for the new Web interface, and they love it! We’re just about to begin the migration process and the client couldn’t be more excited about the project.

You may simply need to add some new capabilities to your application and don’t have the in-house skills to do it. We can provide you with highly-skilled JAM/Panther consultants that can help you add business value to your existing applications.

We also offer Managed Services to maintain your applications. Perhaps you’d like to redirect your support staff to some new projects and just need to have some short or long term support. We can customize a managed services contract to meet your needs and budget. We’re here to help. For more information, please contact our sales team at crm@prolifics.com.
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Stay informed on JAM/Panther going-ons by joining our JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page. This page is run by the Product Team at Prolifics. Feel free to share development and other Panther/JAM related questions and challenges.
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