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VOL 6   ISSUE 7   February 2018
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This quarters’ JAM/Panther update announces the following topics:
Modernization: Replace, Rewrite or Reuse
Copying Excel Cells into Panther
Released Bug Fixes in Q4 2017
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To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,
Hope your 2018 is off to a good start. We have many exciting things going on here at Prolifics. This year, we’ll be focusing on helping customers modernize their JAM, Prolifics, and Panther applications. One of our senior JAM/Panther architects has just released a White Paper and video to share information with you about modernization. If you’ve been wondering how you could modernize your applications, be sure to check out the link below.

From your Panther Product Support Team
Modernization: Replace, Rewrite or Reuse
After a number of years, an application will become outdated...

This is a fact; technology moves on, new devices and hardware become available. User expectations and ways of using applications have changed. Cloud, Internet of Things etc. are there to use and interact with.

As for the organization, new people with new skill sets join the team, and the existing ones gradually disappear taking their skill sets with them. Eventually the application looks ‘old and tired’ and now we don’t know what to do with it.

So, along comes the first management decision. “Is the application functionality still relevant for the business?” In many cases it is; we have built our business around the application and it does everything our business needs, but we would like it to do more.

Next comes the question; What shall we do with it? Do we leave it as is or do we modernize it?

READ THE WHITEPAPER                                                                              WATCH THE VIDEO
Copying Excel Cells into Panther 
Viewing and manipulating data in a tabular arrangement is very powerful. It's no surprise that spreadsheet programs are a standard feature of office productivity suites. Furthermore, many users
expect to be able to copy and paste ranges of fields from one program to another, for example, from a spreadsheet program into a grid on a web page.

However, when one copies a range of cells on a spreadsheet program and then attempts to paste the data into a web page the results are, by default, not what one might expect. Support for copying one field at a time is provided by all web browsers but support for copying ranges of fields is not a given.

Released Bug Fixes in Q4 2017
38735  Grid can cause crash for 64 bit Panther , when screen is resized to 1280x1024
38737  Labels lose their bg colors when printed to PDF format
38642  Allow user to replace calls to alert () in generated JavaScript validation method
38743  When sorting columns in grid, bg colors of rows do not stay
38744  Landscape mode for PDF driver shouldn't rotate the document
38745  Cannot use system decimal in data, when it matches 000 separator numeric format
38746  Turning protection off in a protected array does not work
38747  Data is lost after POST for individually protected array occurrences
38748  Mouse click can place cursor too far left in a right justified field
38751  Inconsistent highlighting when selecting grid field when select on entry is turned on
38756  Crash when opening LDB screen originally created by dd5to6
38769  Programmatic resizing of grid widget column widths to fill available space
38761  f2asc crashes for lengthy SQL statements in detail node of report structure

Please contact crm@prolifics.com to download the patch
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Download our latest Eclipse plugin for JPL from GitHub
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