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This quarters’ JAM/Panther update announces the following topics:
Panther 5.51 Released
Panther in the Cloud
JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page
Panther Web Tutorial New & Improved!
To all our Clients, Partners & Friends,
First, a big thank you to all of the customers that joined us for our Panther Cloud Webinar. We had a great turn out and also had a chance to reconnect with some of our customers that have been using our products for over 15 years.

If you missed the webinar, you may watch it here.

Since the Webinar, we have set up several Panther Cloud Trial instances for customers, allowing them to see what it’s like to develop their Panther applications in the Cloud. Just last week, we helped one of our customers get set up in the Cloud environment in just a few hours, and he migrated his JAM 7.36 application to Panther 5.51 and was able to connect to his local Oracle database. Can you believe it? This customer is already able to see the benefits of moving to the Cloud where they don’t have to manage their own development environment, saving time and costs.

We recently released Panther 5.51, incorporating fixes for about 45 bugs as well as some new features. Most of these new features were developed at the request of our customers.

We are also proud of our offshore Panther Team, who is now actively engaged in helping one of our longtime customers migrate to Panther Web.

From your Panther Product Support Team
Panther 5.51 Released
Hot off the press! Come and get it. Upgrade to the latest version of Panther. Here are just some of the new features included -

     • Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 2017
• Add -ro option to allow initial screens to be opened Read-Only
• RW utilities binherit; f2asc and rw6to7 can execute without libjpeg.so
• Support for word wrap fields in sm_*copyarray()
• Security Enhancement: Data for password fields is now encoded in memory
• New property PR_AUTO_RESIZE_NO_TOUCH enables auto-resize when screen height/width are
changed programmatically
• Backwards Compatibility flag for message handling in HTML templates
• Added new OCI drivers that use no OCI 7 OCI 8 functions only
• Introduced variable @dmengsqlstate
• var2bin support for new JAVA_USE_CODESET setup option

Contact support@prolifics.com to download Panther 5.51. For more features and bug fixes click here.
Panther in the Cloud
Why the Cloud and what’s the big deal? There are many articles out there that preach about the Cloud and how we should all be on it. Well it all boils down to dollars and sense; the cost of equipment and maintenance by IT staff is drastically reduced.

Panther Developer in the Cloud is nothing more than just connecting to a Prolifics/AWS Virtual Machine VIA remote desktop connection (RDP). You will then copy your existing application to it, and begin developing/migrating or testing your application. This can all be accomplished in just a matter a couple of days. These Panther Cloud servers have been preconfigured with the latest Panther development technology, including our Eclipse JPL Plugin.

Your database can either stay on your local system or it can reside on the Cloud.

If there is a need to add more users, instances, storage, memory, scale the environment etc., the Prolifics Cloud Team will handle it, making sure the size of your Cloud instances fits your business needs.

The Panther Cloud instances will always have the latest and the greatest Panther and driver versions installed.

The Panther Cloud infrastructure has strong safeguards in place to help protect your Panther Cloud instances from unauthorized activity/users.

Contact support@prolifics.com for TRIAL Panther Cloud instance.

JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page
Stay informed on JAM/Panther going-ons by joining our JAM/Panther Facebook Fan Page. This page is run by the Product Team at Prolifics. Feel free to share development and other Panther/JAM related questions and challenges.
Panther Web Tutorial New & Improved!
You currently have a JAM or Panther client server application; meaning all user interface and trigger processing occurs on the client interface, all except for database-server-side.

Want to learn how to migrate that client server application to the web; your users will finally be able to access the application via thin clients (browsers, tablets etc.)?

Good news! We have prepared a comprehensive Tutorial that will help guide you step-by- step; where one will take a simple Panther screen and migrate it to the web, running it in the Browser (incorporating HTML & JavaScript).

Click here to access our Panther Documentation, Watch Panther Videos and Newsletter Archives.
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