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Prolifics Newsletter August 2018 Prolifics Newsletter
Prolifics Newsletter Prolifics Newsletter
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Prolifics helps GEMA migrate JAM 7 application to Panther/Web
At the end of June 2018, a member of our Panther team headed to Algiers, Algeria to help our customer GEMA (General Maritime Company) with a head start in modernizing their ERP JAM applications to Panther/Web.  GEMA has several JAM applications that maintain their 9 shipyards throughout Algeria.  Their JAM applications oversee shipyard business and are comprised of these modules: stopover accounts, management containers, debt recovery, import and export, an accounting module and other management modules.
GEMA wanted to modernize these JAM applications and felt that changing the UI to a browser interface would be a great option.   But they knew that rewriting the applications would probably be too costly.   Instead they wanted to find a way to leverage the investment made in the JAM applications, but still create a more modern user interface for their users.  So GEMA turned to Prolifics to discuss options, and found that by using Panther/Web they could move the applications to a browser interface, without having to completely rewrite them.  The GEMA development team has JAM 7 skills and some of the developers also had HTML expertise.  So all they needed was to learn more about Panther/Web and how to migrate the applications to the browser environment.  
Prolifics arranged a week of training on site at GEMA’s headquarters  in Algiers.  It was an intense 5 days of covering the basics of Panther, as well as some more advanced topics. We then covered Panther/Web concepts, HTML and JavaScript and on the last day, we set up the software in their environment and migrated several of their screens to Panther/Web.  The training was a success and the team feels they now have the skills needed to complete their modernization project. GEMA feels that Panther/Web will provide the updated look-and-feel their application needs and has already begun the migration process.    We at Prolifics look forward to seeing the finished product soon.  Thank you GEMA for being a loyal customer!
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Patches Released for Panther 551 in Q3
38723 Oracle OCI8 driver reports error for null-field used as in-out param of stored procedure
38795 Oracle OCI8 driver use of synonyms in stored procedure call may fail
38792 Panther 551a Oracle driver (prlora551a) built with the updates for the OCI 8 driver
38791 Can't open ODBC connection using File->Open->Database...in prodev on RedHat
38690 Grid frame may show only top part of bottom-most onscreen row after auto resize
38793 Cannot use template tags to output content of a word-wrap field
38747 Data is lost after POST for individually protected array occurrences.  
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