XMLink 2.6



The changes in XMLink 2.6 include:

§         JAMFLEX buffers

§         Embedded FML

§         Character encoding support

Embedded FML

Using the new addIn method on FML32Record allows you to create embedded FML for BEA Tuxedo versions 7.1 and higher which contain support for this feature:

public void addIn(String name, FML32Record value)

Character Encoding Support

Java strings are in Unicode.  By default, XMLink passes to Tuxedo only the low order byte of each Unicode character.  For characters in English and other European languages, this is sufficient since only the low order byte is significant.

Since other languages may need additional support, each of XMLink’s Record classes offers setEncoding() and getEncoding() methods.  The default encoding is ISO-8859-1, which is a single byte per character encoding.  A multibyte encoding, such as UTF8, can be used for foreign characters.  The Tuxedo server must be able to support and decode/encode according to the specified encoding setting.