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The purpose of these release notes is to provide last minute information that is not contained in the documentation for Panther 4.50. Please review them before installing or using Panther 4.50.

The new features in Panther 4.50 are described in the accompanying document entitled “New Features in Panther 4.50” A copy of this New Features document (in Microsoft Word format) is also found in the notes directory of the Panther product distribution.


Microsoft Windows 2000 (for Panther for IBM WebSphere only)

The Panther for IBM WebSphere Installation Guide specifies support for the Panther Application Server engine on Win2000. At this time, however, WebSphere Application Server 3.02 does not support Win2000.

Microsoft Windows 98

Turning off File Protection will speed up the installer.

Microsoft Windows NT

We recommend NT Service Pack 6a, which is certified by Microsoft for Y2K-compliancy.

Microsoft Windows─License agreement

In some versions of Windows, the license agreement does not have focus, and does not display in front of all open windows. If you start the installation process and do not see the license agreement, minimize all windows.

Microsoft Windows 98─Autoexec.bat

The installer does not create the expected autoexec.bat if none exists. The file contains directory path and user information. If no autoexec.bat exists, or if an empty file is created:

1.       Create a new file named autoexec.bat in the C:\ directory if none exists.

2.       Add the lines:



PATH=PantherInstallationDirectory\util; PantherInstallationDirectory\bin

Microsoft Windows─backup copies of autoexec.bat

If you ask the installer to save your previous copy of autoexec.bat, it does not always do so. However, the user message will state that the file has been created. It does correctly modify the existing file.


Windows 32-bit JVM

Panther on Windows requires the SUN JVM or JDK.


Requires the Sun Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.1.7 or later.  NOTE: To see if a JRE is provided in our distribution for your particular platform, check the jre directory of your Panther installation.


Wizard Item Selection Screens

Wizard item selection screens generated with older versions of Prolifics products may not work  properly. If you are unable to double-click on the desired row, or if the OK button causes the word "OK" to appear on the base form, you may use either of the solutions listed below.

1.       Use the styles.sty file from the version of the product in which your wizard selection screen was created.

2.       Set FOCUS_PROTECTION=NO on the primary key fields in the item selection grid.

Compatibility Flags for Listboxes

In Panther 4.2, two new compatibility flags were added to change the height of a listbox. JAM70_W16_LB_HEIGHT reduces the height of a listbox by 6 pixels, and JAM70_W32_LB_HEIGHT reduces it by 4 pixels. Setting both reduces the height by 6 pixels.

In JAM 7, JAM software drew the border (WS_BORDER), setting it to 2 pixels. In Prolifics 2.5 and earlier versions of Panther, the border was generated by Prolifics/Panther software and by the Windows API (CLIENTEDGE), for a total of 3 pixels.

Now only the Windows API generates the border, setting it to 2 pixels.

Compatibility Flag for Grid Widgets

The grid row margin property (intorduced in Panther 4.20) requires some changes for compatibility with earlier versions. The compatibility flag, JAM70_GRID_ROWSEP_IN_CELL, puts the row separator inside the cell. For Windows compatibility, set the flag and set the default row margin property to 5p.


Motif Resource File

The Motif resource file, named Prolifics, has been updated. You may want to copy a new resource file for each developer or merge the changes into your existing resource file.

Message File

The message file has been reorganized. Applications referring to messages by number will have to be updated. We recommend that you refer to messages by their PV_ constant value, not the message number.

Permissions Problems with Web Application Servers on an NT Network

When using mounted drives on an NT network, permissions problems may occur. For example, there may be problems in the execution of Panther Web processes (proweb, dispatcher) or the creation of log files.

When a Panther Web application is started via a browser, the owner of that application process is dependent on the HTTP Web Server configuration.  For example, Microsoft Internet Information Server implements the default Web Server login of 'IUSR_<hostname>'. Chances are, this login does not exist on the file server. Thus, there would be problems as this login tries to execute or create files on a mounted drive.

To correct this problem, one of two things can be done:

·         Add the login used by the HTTP Web Server to the NT network configuration so that it is recognized.

·         Change the login used by the HTTP Web Server to one which is recognized by the NT network. Note that this setting may not be available for change with certain Web Servers.


Windows 2000 does not support a local license server.

Performance of a Panther Web Application

The performance of a Panther web application is directly affected by the number of simultaneous jserver processes. This is controlled by the application ini file by the NumServers setting. The initial value is 1, which is adequate for demonstration purposes.  However, production applications should use higher values, depending on the level of demand, system size, and performance requirements.

Error Generating Panther Reports While Running Norton Anti-virus Software

The error of "undefined OFFENDING COMMAND: ANSIFont" will occur when running Prolifics Report Writer concurrently with certain versions of Norton Anti-virus software. The problem can be solved by replacing the following line in the win.ini file, located in the Windows directory:

load=nwpopup.exe c:\NAV\NAVTSRW.exe



Error when Compacting Library with formlib –m

After you compact a library with formlib –m and make it read-only, making it writable again will cause a coredump on UNIX and an error on Windows when you save to it.

WebSphere Bug on Solaris 2.6 (for Panther for IBM WebSphere only)

There is a WebSphere bug on UNIX platforms. In, the following line:

$ . $PWD/

means that the Admin Client fails unless your current working directory is ${WAS_HOME}/bin. You must replace $PWD in your path with ${WAS_HOME}/bin, or ensure that ${WAS_HOME}/bin is in your path and simply remove the $PWD/.


Limited File Handles on the PC might cause Problems with PVCS

When using PVCS locally on a Windows PC you might experience PVCS errors. If this happens it can be due to limited file handles available on Windows. Try the PVCS commands again after restarting the screen editor (prodev)with fewer libraries open.

Report Wizard Creates Reports that may Exhibit Poor Positioning in a Web browser

The Report wizard (reachable in the editor via File®New®Report) places output cells in such a way as to optimize appearance of the report when printed on devices that support scaleable fonts and sensitive positioning, such as a laser printer. Running these reports on some Web browsers (such as Netscape 2.0) may produce an occasional run-on line.  To fix the problem, readjust the positioning of the report widgets in the editor as follows: First use the mouse to open space above each Report Area widget, if the Area widget abuts the widgets above it; then choose Edit®Select All, then Edit®Grid Align®Both.  Set Options®Snap to Grid on if you wish to do further editing. This method works also to improve the appearance of a report when ASCII output is required—that is, when using driver=text in the report invocation, or when printing under Windows to the generic printer.

Screen Editor (JPL/JavaScript/VBScript/Stylesheet Data)

Testing has revealed problems with the internal text editor. Specifically, cutting, copying, and pasting blocks of text do not always work as expected. You may find it preferable to activate Options®Direct to External Editor and save that editor preference using File®Save Pref.

On UNIX, you would also need to set SMEDITOR in the environment to your preferred text editor.  Windows defaults to the editor specified in Windows Explorer to edit text files (those with a TXT extension).

This text window appears for:

·         The menu options File®New®JPL, File®Open®JPL

·         The JPL Procedures property (screens, widgets, reports, service components)

·         the JavaScript property (web screens, widgets)

·         The VBScript property (web screens, widgets)

·         The Stylesheet Data property (web screens)

Focus Problems in Motif

If you have problems keeping the focus on a particular window in the Panther editor running under Motif, use the Windows menu to bring the window forward. Changing the Prolifics*severeFocus setting in the Prolifics resource file from true to false may improve behavior.

Context-sensitive Help

Context-sensitive help is unavailable in this release.


Changing Field Width at Runtime in a Panther Web Application

Changing the Field Width property at runtime will have no effect. The property is only used in the Screen Editor.

Boolean Type Does Not Work Correctly (Bug 35674)

A case testing the properties can be found in: /u/qany/bugtests/<bugno>.

On Windows (32-bit) platforms, the boolean type does not work properly. The boolean type handles only JAVA true and false correctly; it does not handle C true/false (non-0/0) or JPL true/false (yes/no).


Need to Recompile C code using PR_JAM70_DISABLE_NEW_MENU_STYLE macro

The macro PR_JAM70_DISABLE_NEW_MENU_STYLE was given the same value as that of another macro, PR_JAM5_HOW_OPTMNU, and has been changed. It is necessary to recompile any C code using the changed macro.


Problem with Setting the Pool Size

The documented property. @app()®conn_pool_size, that sets the pool size, does not work in Release 4.5. The default pool size is 5.


No Panther EJB Available for Package and Component with the Same Name (for Panther for IBM WebSphere only)

Users should not give the package and component the same name because it confuses our Java name lookup.

The TreeView ActiveX Control Used in the Web Gallery and COM Samples Requires a License

The current TreeView control requires a license. This license can be obtained by installing many Microsoft products, including Internet Explorer 5.

COM Samples Installation

The instructions given in the printed Installation Guide for the COM samples are incorrect. The samples are available from the Windows Start Menu and use a database provided in the COM samples directory. The instructions are available upon launching the COM samples and choosing “Install Samples.” They are correct in the online documentation.

NSAPI: Supported Netscape Servers

We currently support Netscape Enterprise Server version 3.5 for NSAPI; we support Netscape FastTrack Server only with CGI.

Using Microsoft Visual C Project Files

You can use Microsoft Visual C (MSVC) project files to build and link Prolifics executables with your C and C++ modules. 



Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Database DLL's  (static linking with database libraries is not supported when using the Prolifics supplied project files).


Prolifics Executables that may be rebuilt:







1.       Make sure that the environment variable SMBASE points to the Prolifics distribution. This will be set by the Prolifics installer in the repository for Windows NT and in AUTOEXEC.BAT for Windows 95 and Windows 98.

2.       Create a new directory for project and change to that directory.

3.       Copy all the files from the distribution's link\msvc directory to the project directory. Copy all of the .c, .rc, .ico and .cur files from the distribution's link directory.

4.       Start the Visual C++ Developer Studio (msdev.exe).

5.       Select File®Open Workspace. Select Prolifics.dsp in your project directory to open the workspace containing the project files.

6.       Use Project®Set Active Project to select the project for the executable you want to work on.

7.       Use Project®Add To Project to add your modules to the project.

8.       Use Build®Rebuild All to rebuild the project. This will ensure that all object files are rebuilt. This is important because some object files are built differently depending on the executable they are in.

9.       In some cases you will see the following messages from link:

LINK: warning LNK4089: all references to "SHELL32.dll" discarded by


LINK: warning LNK4089: all references to "comdlg32.dll" discarded by



These messages are normal and should be ignored.

Library Name Change

We have changed the way some of our libraries are named.  Please note that libwc32.lib is no longer needed.

Library Functions

Our library functions used to be installed in funclist.c, but are now installed internally.  Please use the online documentation to research function variants and parameter lists.

Problem with Online Cross References to PDF Books

Cross referencing books that are not in HTML format (that is, those that are in PDF format) do not work. You will get the message: "Refer to page," or "Refer to page #."

Removing the ejbtemp Temporary Directory

If the generation of the EJB fails, the script may have failed to remove the temporary directory (ejbtemp). You must remove this directory manually before generating the EJB again.


The Panther Quick Reference that was printed in November 1999 does not have the following changes:


Text Selection Keys─Windows

A new series of logical keys have been added for selecting text:


extend selection to start of field or list box


extend selection to end of field or list box


extend selection with left arrow in text field


extend selection to start of line in text field


extend selection to end of line in text field


extend selection down one page in text field or list box


extend selection up one page in text field or list box


extend selection with right arrow in text field


extend selection one word left in text field


extend selection one word right in text field


select entire text field


select current word


In addition, EXTD and EXTU now also apply to text fields as well as list boxes.


sm_com Functions

The functions for components supersede the functions for COM components released in Panther 4.0 and 4.1.

COM Function

Panther 4.2 Replacement























New functions for sorting data in arrays and grids.


Column Click Action (column_click_action)

For widgets in grids, under Format/Display, specify the action—sort or custom function—that occurs when a user clicks on the grid column header.

Column Click Function (column_click_func)

For widgets in grids, under Format/Display, specify the custom function to invoke when a user clicks on the grid column column header. For this property to be available, Column Click Action must be set to Custom.

Current Component System (current_component_system)

A runtime-only property that instantiates the type of component system currently in use. Before creating any service components, set this property to PV_SERVER_COM for COM components or PV_SERVER_EJB for Enterprise JavaBeans components deployed under IBM WebSphere.

HTML Max Loop (html_max_loop)

For HTML templates using condition processing, specify the number of loop iterations to perform before terminating the process. The default setting is 1000.

HTML Max Nest (html_max_nest)

For HTML templates using condition processing, specify the number of nesting levels. Each if, while, or include constitutes one level. The default setting is 20.

Max Bundles (max_bundles)

A runtime-only application property specifying the number of JPL bundles available for send and receive commands. It defaults to ten bundles (including the unnamed bundle) if unspecified.

Runtime License (runtime_license)

For ActiveX controls that support runtime licensing, if the Runtime License property exists, the control will be created using the license.

Sort Order (sort_order)

Under Format/Display, specify the sort order to be used when the widget is in an array or in a grid. If the widget is in a grid, the Column Click Action property must also be set to Sort.

Sort Order Function (sort_order_func)

Under Format/Display, specify the custom function to be invoked when Sort Order is set to Custom. The function can be either a JPL procedure or prototyped C function.



New -m option for compacting the library.