Bug Fixes in Panther 5.50




This document describes the bug fixes in   Panther 5.50         





Panther Client

38579            Allow auto resizing when resizable widgets with different heights  overlap

38578            Setting onscreen_rows property of a grid can cause the grid width to change

38574            Screen resize function does not fire if the new  row/column size is too large

38493            Skip hidden columns when computing grid width in the Editor

38492            Listboxes should shift when the PR_CURRENT_OFFSET property is set

38484            Filename in the DBMS STORE FILE command cannot contain spaces.

38565            Extra white space at the bottom of  popup when data in box < the number of rows

38564            Right justified labels are cut off

38555            Field exit function return value other than 0 or 1 should reposition the cursor to the field

38550            Sm_fftype can return an unexpected field type edit when the C  Type Property is set for a field

38545            tmcommon.c: val_gen Cannot create SQL generation data -20 error

38532            Possible crash in sm_print_inierror() when SMBASE is long and there is an initialization error to report

38526            Styles are not applied properly to occurrences of an array for Update Occ mode, when the SELECT command is used

38525            The Panther Debugger can crash when a Panther installed function called from JAVA returns NULL

38513            The Editor can crash inheriting the Font Name property when going from APPLICATION mode to EDIT mode

37934            Add support for the MSSCCI source control providers.

38568            Panther 64 bit now ships with native  64bit Menu bar editor (mbedit64.exe)

38592            Installer should not copy the server DLLs to %WINDIR%\system32\, or %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\

38582            Check for multiple monitors when the WM_DISPLAYCHANGE message is received

38596            Panther for Windows can crash when changing an MLT widget's attributes

38569            Valgrind reports memory errors in sm_edit_put_2 in Menu Bar Editor


Panther Web Broker

38548            {{form:info}} tag no longer outputs hidden widgets as hidden <input> elements in the HTML , or as server data in the cache

38528            Screen with offscreen group selections crashes

38527            Hidden <input> elements are missing from the HTML when an HTML template is used

38518            Proweb fails &  exits immediately with error on Solaris 11

38517            Focus protecting a text field, hides the initial text

38466            Program Directory  field in WebSetup extended

38499            Problems reading the appname.Port file in /tmp/JamWeb


Panther Report Writer

38573           Report orientation can change from portrait to landscape when windows driver creates    

                     reports    for paper shorter than 11"

38530           Some report lines may not fully shrink when a report Print Node has Shrink set to Yes


Panther Database Driver

38496            DB2: CLI Connection Strings should always include the DSN keyword

38491            DB2: The Panther DB2 driver does not work in 64 bit ports

38566            Oracle: Oracle OCI driver can crash if the first stored procedure parameter is not an input


38512            Oracle: When the OCI driver's UTF8 connection option is used, data may not be fetched

                       correctly after invoking the DBMS STORE FILE

38509            Oracle: The Oracle driver no longer sets @dmengerrcode to 1403  at the end of fetch

38490            ODBC: The Panther ODBC driver is not fully thread safe

38488            ODBC: Allow user to change how the case of the names of bound variables is handled

38553            ODBC: The ODBC Database Driver may fail to fetch data if not all the columns are mapped to


38543            Improve error recovery in dm_exec_fld_mode to avoid a crash


Panther JEE Application Server

38551         Improper EAR file created using MakeWS.exe in web_services_preview2 edition of Panther

                     5.40 for WAS

38594         makews utility should produce web services with Java classes that use the @stateless


38588         Linux/Unix support for makews, and better error handling for all platforms