Fixes in Panther 5.40




This document describes the bug fixes in   Panther 5.40          



Panther Client

38381  Can’t check out license from prodev64. Keep getting error “Invalid License”.

38119   jpl2bin -b option does not properly handle lines longer than 253 bytes.        

38287  Screen widgets are not aligned. Widgets that aligned correctly in 4.5 do   not align in 5.3.

38288  Multiline text widget, text does not display correctly.

38303  Missing "Template" and "Read-only" checkbox when performing File->Open->Menu in Menu Bar


38311  A widget may not be redrawn as inactive when PR_FOCUS_PROTECT is set to PV_YES.  

38312  Toolbar pixmaps can be distorted in Panther 5.30a. 

38334  Static label windows will be created with the wrong windows style bits if the widget's Height and

Width properties are both specified. 

 38407  sm_obj_create() fails when called from JPL. 

38409  Wrong error messages for missing file when using the 'File->Open-Recent Files' submenu. 

38410  No error is reported when opening a different library with the same name as one that is already     


38416  When a screen property, IDENTITY->Screen Type is set to Component, and it is changed back to  

 a Screen, it still contains properties of a   Component.

38418  Type mismatch issues in switch/case statement.

38450  Crash in function sm_PiMwGridwdProc in wcgridwd.c .

38448  Panther can crash in sm_PiMwDestroyGridwdMember.

38253  Crash changing collotype and onscreen rows in a Multiline Text Field.

38442  ‘Shift+Tab’ and’ Ctrl+Shift+Tab’ don't generate the sequences in xwinkeys for BACK and PCARD.

38432  Case statement block in switch/case doesn't allow multiline 'if' statement without block. enclosure in curly braces.

38431  sm_prop_error () fails to report some errors when setting grid properties in character mode.

38430  sm_prop_error () fails to return the last error returned by sm_prop_set ().

38423  Cannot set a grid's PR_GRID_CURRENT_OCC property.

38422  Value returned by installed functions can be lost when they are nested.

38421  Changes to Application Font properties do not change the GUI default font.

38243  Graphs can leave pixel dirt on Editor screen.

38275  Using Aero on Windows7, a ghost menubar of pixel dirt appears below the real one in the client   


38299  The Prolifics Debugger can hang in the Status Log Options screen if the application calls     

sm_putjctrl for certain keys, for example, CLWIN.

38318  Setup32.exe doesn't install on SOME 64bit Win7 machines.

38357  Allow the 32-bit version of sm_launch and sm_shell to start 64-bit system executables that do not  also have 32 bit versions, for example, lpr.exe.

38365 built on Linux has unresolved external references.

38451  Floating licenses do not work for prodev on Redhat, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

38434  The presence of in all Panther editions breaks the Setup script for Panther Classic on Unix.

38424  Menubar Editor in Panther 5.30a can crash when run as a Motif application

38384  Template generation on the component interface screen does not generate a return statement in the template when appropriate (i.e., if the procedure is not type "void").

38297  SMPATH is not used in locating the Windows helpfile 

38449  Callback function installed by sm_mw_install_msg_callback() is uninstalled

38452   Panther for Windows can crash getting tooltip text


Panther Web Broker

38269  Jwsamp not startable

38329  The dispatcher exposes a TCP port that is currently bound to INADDR_ANY, instead of INADDR_LOOPBACK. 

38335  When label on button is "=" or "$", and button is pressed, one sees error "Your cached data is no longer available"

38367  The Web Setup Manager only seems work when to run from Internet Explorer, not from Firefox or Chrome. 

38377  Socket connections for old architecture can fail, because the local host address is used, rather than the loopback interface.

34583  Aliasing of Prolifics Fonts doesn’t get translated into Windows Fonts when viewing font in html

38385  Update generated JavaScript to test whether the __pushed__ form field actually exists. 

38435  Jserver is vulnerable to a cross site scripting attack when a script is used as the screen name in the URL.


Panther Application Server /JEE

 38296  Show Java Tag for Java Hook calls  

38341  Panther type signatures in sm_obj_call() and sm_obj_create() for PV_SERVER_JAVA component system aren't parsed properly. 

38373 String array IN arguments cause exception in

38375  WebReportAccessBean.setup () throws Exception      

38379  WebReportAccessBean.ejbCreate() throws exceptions.

38378  Chunking by servlet causes problems on Tomcat.

38411  Makeejb.exe creates a batch file that does not quote some paths that may contain spaces. 

38447  Installation cannot locate IBM WebSphere

38420  Add ability to log sm_acquire_mutex calls that have to wait a while


Panther Report Writer

38289  Widgets not in print areas are printing in reports.

38292  RW Viewer background color is too dark.  It should be more like the color of a typical sheet of paper.

38293  Output Viewer Window in Editor can go below other Editor windows in the z-order, causing havoc.

38301  Rwrun32/64.exe should save SMTERM from the -ini file so that the wincmap.bin will be read.

38306  In Windows, hide other windows when the Report Viewer window is opened since dialog

 windows can hide parts of the Report Viewer window.

38330  Do not enforce TrueType font licensing in the PDF driver.

38331  The Save to PDF icon does not appear in the viewer toolbar in prorun32.exe.

38332  Load the Report Writer resource DLL rwres32.dll in prorun32.exe and rwrun32.exe since it

contains icons for the Report Viewer's toolbar.

38333  In Panther 5.20 and 5.30, report fonts may not resolve correctly if

 @app()->jam70_disable_rw_font_cache is set to PV_YES.

38403  In Windows, the printer document name is always "Panther Report Output".

38306  In Windows, hide other windows when the Report Viewer window is opened since dialog

 windows can hide parts of the Report Viewer window.

38427  Placement' property for currency symbol does not work when set from JPL.

38392  RW Viewer background color is too dark


Database Driver

 38446  oraemb.h is not installed by the installer for Win32 or Win64.

38317  Failure to resolve symbols in for Oracle 11.2, when linking prorun.

38320  When preparing a stored procedure, add a check whether the OCI odessp()function has failed. 

38414  oxadm32.dll does not load in Panther when using Oracle 11g.

38415  Access violation and crash of WAS server, when 2 Panther EJB instances  use the OCI driver from multiple threads.

38417   Incorrect list of supported drivers for WAS.  

38327  Some characters don't work in DBMS DECLARE CONNECTION password argument.

38305  Updated CDSK3.0 to "CSDK3.00 or higher"   in the Windows install page.

38337  Aliasing of Prolifics Fonts doesn’t get translated into Windows Fonts when viewing font in html.