New Features in Panther 5.50




This document describes the new features in   Panther 5.50         





Panther Java Component Server for Web Services

38552        JAX-WS Web Services Using Panther Service Components with JCO Interface

                   For more details, see  Panther JCO Application Server Engine for Web Services.


Panther Application Server Engine for WAS[JEE]

38542        Request for a feature that creates Web Services that use Panther EJBs

                    For more details, see  Web Services with Panther for WebSphere.


Panther Client

 38581        Enhanced support for Windows 8 and Windows 10

 38546        Support Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

38544         Allow Central European characters to display on system setup for Western

                    European Characters

 38582        Better support for Dual Monitor Display

 38581        Enhanced support for Windows 8 and Windows 10

 38536        Update link/makefile for UNIX and Linux to make it easier to apply patches to  

                     individual executables

 38535         Allow the user functions sm_*doccur and sm_*ioccur to work with grids and sync


 38534        Allow the num_occurrences property to be set for fields, grids and sync groups 

 38523        f2asc should sort the PI edits in its ASCII output.

 38502        New maximize_no_reposition application property to suppress repositioning            

                    when windows are maximized and restored


Panther Web Broker

 38386          Created PR_SECURE_POST application property

 38514          Provide application properties to generate tooltips for images

 38517          For monitor's -install option, allow a service description to be specified as the

                      – description suboption

 38487          New HTML template tag, {{form:messages}}, to emit form error messages

 38485          Output error messages within '<div class="sm_message_text">' tags of the main document,

                       rather than within separate <HTML> tags preceding the main document


Panther Report Writer

 38572          Allow node labels on the Report Structure screen to be longer than 12


 38570          A new a property to verify how Report Writer checks whether a page is full

 38501          Allow report lines to be longer than 255 characters

 38591          Report Writer viewer can unhide user hidden window


Database Driver

 38562          ODBC: Support stored procedure output parameters and return codes

 38505          ODBC: When parsing the DBMS DECLARE CONNECTION statement, allow the  

             PASSWORD option to be present when USER is not specified

 38538          Sybase:Sybase16 Support

 38583          SQL Server:Better support for stored procedure output parameters