New Features in Panther 5.40




This document describes the new features in   Panther 5.40          



Panther Client

38162  Support for switch/case statement in JPL.

38182  Faster execution of JPL.

38316  Make the startup arguments argc and argv accessible via the property API.

38326  Allow the mouse scroll wheel to scroll a grid when focus is in a single line text widget that is a

             member of the grid.

38310  Support sending email using Windows CDO (Collaboration Data Objects).

38436  sm_getenv user function to get values set in the environment

38285  Support Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 for 32 and 64 bit Windows.

38358  Allow sm_receive_args and sm_return_args to access COM event arguments.

38359  Create functions to copy field data to and from the Windows clipboard.

38391  Support for MSVC 2013.

38284  Support  Express versions of Microsoft Visual C++.

38380  In Linux ports, event logging reports elapsed time in milliseconds in increments of 1000.

38343  Ability to call the "put" method of the Hashtable.

38474  Allow access to pane properties by using the pane's name.

38475  Add the PR_WINDOW_NUMBER property for forms.

38477  Support VT_ERROR return values from COM components.


Panther Web Broker

38374  Update Web HTML generation for better compliance with HTML-5.

38387  Add a way to specify the format of the timestamp in the Panther/WEB log files.

38388  In sm_web_get_cgi_info(), skip to end of path of PATH_INFO.

38355  Randomize the sequence number in Webids to reduce the possibility of attackers guessing valid


38473  HTML-5 changes to use the style attribute for screen/widget color and background color do not



Panther Application Server /JEE

38344  Pass Java Objects as parameters.

38346  Ability to use Panther's Java API from Java methods invoked using sm_obj_call().

38399  Allow TPi/Tuxedo to build with MSVC++ 2005 and 2008.

38347  Support for Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs).


Panther Report Writer

37807  Create an XML driver for Report Writer.

37899  Ability to add color to static and dynamic output widgets in reports.

38304  For report objects, display the object type and object name (if any) in the Debugger's Event Stack


38368  Ability to set copies and paper_source for reports as options to the rwrun program; the JPL

              runreport verb; and sm_rw_runreport user function.

38471  Create the report_no_color application property.


Database Driver

38383  Support for Oracle 12c.

38389  Add the Oracle OCI UTF8 connection option. 

38372  Support password encryption during Sybase DB-Library logon. 

38340  Support SQL Server 2008's "time" column data type.

38342  Support the SQL Server 2008 and later "date"; "time" and "datetime2" column data types in the

             database importer.

38337  Provide an option to cause TM to generate ANSI joins allowing the same table to appear more

              than once in an outer join.

38280  Support for Oracle ref cursors for OCI.

38482  Support the SQL Server Secure Connection feature in ODBC.