New Features in Panther 5.30a


Windows, Character Mode, Motif


Added PR_HELPFILE property. This feature offers the capability to change the windows

help file at runtime.



The new "Recently opened" menu should be changed to a "Recent files" menu that

Shows new and saved items as well as opened items to better match other applications.



Character mode JAM 5 compatibility - flag to avoid emphasizing pushbutton accelerator

characters.  The property is PR_JAM5_NO_ACCEL_EMPH.  It can be set with:


                @app()->jam5_no_accel_emph = PV_YES



Added Trace Hooks for Java Code.  sm_trace() now accepts the "JAVA" and "NOJAVA"




Added a 'Save as PDF...' menu item to the Report Viewer's File menu.



The application property, edit_mask_past_last, has been added.  It allows the user to

delete text using the BKSP key, by starting from beyond the last enterable character

allowed by the edit mask.  When edit_mask_past_last is set to PV_YES, the cursor can

move to the character past the end of the edit mask if:


                * field is longer than the edit mask;

                * field is left justified (the default); and

                * keyboard is in insert mode.



Added ability to write to PR_APPLICATION_FONT and PR_STATUS_LINE_FONT properties.