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Describes how to install Panther.


   {PDF-WebSphere-825 KB}

{PDF-JetNet/Oracle Tuxedo-360 KB}

{PDF-Classic(UNIX)-313 KB}

Describes the process of using Prolifics products to build 2-tier and 3-tier Panther database applications. Includes information for each step of the development path.
{PDF-6.3 MB}

Provides instructions for building and deploying COM components in your Panther Windows application.
{PDF-517 KB}

Provides instructions for configuring Panther on various platforms and to your preference. Includes information on GUI resource and initialization files.
{PDF-1.5 MB}

Provides instructrions for using Panther's database drivers. Each driver has its own book that contains information specific to that relational database.
DB2 {HTML} {PDF-83 KB}
Informix {HTML} {PDF-77 KB}
MS SQL Server {HTML} {PDF-138 KB}
Oracle {HTML} {PDF-107 KB}
Sybase CT Library {HTML} {PDF-77 KB}
Sybase DB Library{HTML} {PDF-139 KB}

Provides a high-level view of each component of the Panther for IBM WebSphere system. It describes how to build Panther business components as Enterprise JavaBeans and deploy those EJBs using IBM's WebSphere Application Server.
{PDF-936 KB}

Introduces the Panther framework, Prolifics products, and a tutorial with instructions to get started with understanding, setting up, and developing a 2-tier or 3-tier Panther application.
{PDF-2-Tier-2.1 MB}

{PDF-JetNet-3.7 MB}

Provides a reference to terms used throughout the Panther documentation set (and a master index for all guides).
{PDF-3.4 MB}

Provides the Javadoc documention for Panther's Java interfaces.

Provides instructions for using JDB, Panther's prototyping database, and JISQL, the interactive SQL editor for JDB. Also describes how to build SQL statements and JDB's SQL commands.
{PDF-1.2 MB}

Provides information about using the Panther JetNet/Oracle Tuxedo Edition, including instructions on setting up application servers.
{PDF-1.8 MB}

Lists information about new features in Panther releases.
{PDF-245 KB}

Describes JPL, Panther's scripting language, and Panther's Java programming interface.  Includes information on Panther's C library functions, transaction manager commands, and database commands and variables.
{PDF-6.1 MB}

Provides an easy reference to Panther properties (and definitions associated with application objects and to database & transaction manager commands, library functions, JPL commands, utilities, and application variables).
{PDF-1.1 MB}

Provides instructions for using Panther's report generation utility to build, modify, and run reports.
{PDF-1.9 MB}

Provides information on upgrading from JAM to Panther.
{PDF-1.1 MB}

Provides instructions for using the Panther graphical authoring environment - the editor, screen and report wizards, JIF editor, menu bar editor, and styles editor - to build 2- and 3-tier applications.
{PDF-5.0 MB}

Provides instructions for building and deploying a Panther web application.
{PDF-1.9 MB}

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