Developer's-Panther WebSphere

Appendix A. Utilities

This chapter describes command-line utilities that can help you develop and manage a Panther WebSphere application. Utility descriptions are organized into the following sections, as applicable:

To get a command-line description of a utility's available arguments and command options, type the utility's name with the -h switch. For example:

makeejb -h


Generate the service component's EJB and associated files

makeejb [-inv] library [library...]


Generate one jar file per component.


Do not run the generated deployment scripts.


Display information in verbose mode. Lists service components being processed.


Name of library


The makeejb utility generates a Java class and a deployment descriptor for each service component in a Panther application library into a single jar. With the resulting jar, it runs the deployment scripts to prepare the EJBs for deployment in Web Sphere.