Developer's-Panther WebSphere

Chapter 4. Preparing for Development

This chapter describes the following tasks needed to prepare for development.

Creating a Repository

You can use the visual object repository to help build your application objects. Through inheritance, it can give a consistent interface to your client screens and service components.

For the steps to create a repository, refer to "Creating a Repository" in Using the Editors.

Importing Database Definitions

After creating a repository, you can import your database definitions. The import process creates a repository entry for each database table and fields on each entry for the database columns. You can add additional repository entries during development to store your own application templates.

For information on importing database objects to a repository, refer to "Populating a Repository with Database Objects" in Using the Editors.

For more information on using a repository, refer to Chapter 11, "Creating and Using a Repository," in Application Development Guide.

Figure 4-1 The visual object repository can contain entries imported from your database definitions as well as your own application objects.