Developer's-Panther WebSphere

Chapter 6. Deploying Enterprise JavaBeans in WebSphere

This chapter describes the process for deploying Enterprise JavaBeans in WebSphere Application Server.

Installing Enterprise JavaBeans

How to Install an EJB in WebSphere

  1. Start the WebSphere Administrative Console.
  2. Create an application server (if one does not already exist for the application).

    For the steps to create an application server and a container, refer to "Creating an Application Server."

  3. Add a shared library for pro5.jar and set the Classpath and Native Library Path properties for this jar file.
  4. Add the library to the classloader so that pro5.jar will be loaded when the application server starts.
  5. Install the application.
  6. Creating the application generates a deployed jar file which should be added to the CLASSPATH in your environment.

  7. Copy the panther.ini and server.lib into the application server's working directory. (This directory was created as parts of the steps to install and configure Panther for IBM WebSphere in Chapter 2.)