Appendix E. Sample Reports

This chapter contains examples of report output, with information as to how specific results are obtained.

Example 1

In the following example, the report contains both header and trailer pages, and a summary page preceding the trailing page. Each distributor group appears on its own page, though the order number subgroups are within that page. There are totals for each group and subgroup.

Generating Title and Trailer Pages

Grouping Report Data

Calculating Summary Data

Example 2

In this example, the headers contain information directly from the database. The detail data, which shows the cast, must be repeated until all actors' names are displayed. The information in the header, the movie title, type, rating, year and director, should be displayed only once for each group.

Example 3

The following example demonstrates how to remove blank lines. The database has been designed to allow an extra line for the address; if this line is left blank, it can be eliminated. Since the line for credit card information has a label, some additional processing is necessary to eliminate it.

Example 4

The following report demonstrates grouping data on a computed break field, that of the number of times rented. The floating footer follows immediately after the second group of data. You can restart page numbering for each group.