Rose Panther Link

Chapter 2 . Installation

The chapter contains the following topics:

Rose Panther Link Requirements

To use Rose Panther Link, you must be running:

On Windows NT, Service Pack 6 is recommended because Microsoft certifies it as Y2K compliant.

Installing Rose Panther Link

Installing Rose Panther Link includes two tasks–installing the product and verifying its installation.

How to Install Rose Panther Link

  1. Make sure Rational Rose is closed.
  2. Insert the CD.
  3. Run Setup.exe, and follow the prompts.

How to Verify Your Rose Panther Link Installation

  1. Once the installation is complete, start Rational Rose.
  2. Make sure that Rose Panther Link has been properly added to Rose by performing the following tasks:
  3. Make sure the Panther Class button is on the Toolbox toolbar by performing the following tasks:
  4. At this point, you are ready to use Rose Panther Link.

Importing Panther Properties

Panther properties must be reapplied to existing Rose models; the properties are not updated automatically by Rational Rose.

How to Update Your Panther Property Settings

  1. Start Rational Rose and open the desired model.
  2. Choose ToolsModel PropertiesReplace.
  3. Select the Panther properties file, panther.pty, which is located in your Rose Panther Link directory, and choose Open. (The default directory location is C:\ Program Files\Prolifics\Rose Panther Link.)