Programming Guide


Traverses the transaction tree in update order

int sm_tm_command ("WALK_UPDATE [tableViewName [tableViewScope] ]");


The name of a table view in the current transaction. This parameter is case sensitive.

If tableViewName is specified, the command is applied according to the tableViewScope parameter. Since the entire table view tree might not be included, this is known as a partial command, and sm_tm_command sets TM_FULL to 0.

If tableViewName is not specified, the command is applied for each table/server view, starting with the root table view. This is known as a full command, and sm_tm_command sets TM_FULL to 1.

One of the following parameters, which must be preceded by a table view name.


WALK_UPDATE performs a traversal of the transaction tree, using the Update Order property in the link widgets to determine the traversal order. If a table view's transaction event function contains processing for the TM_WALK_UPDATE request event, it is executed.


A TM_WALK_UPDATE request event is generated by the WALK_UPDATE command, but no processing is associated with this event in the transaction models.