Programming Guide


Creates a warm DDE paste link between a widget and a DDE server

#include <smmwuser.h>
int sm_dde_client_paste_link_warm(char *field);

The name of the widget to receive server data.





sm_dde_client_paste_link_warm requests a warm DDE paste link between a widget and a server application. Panther gets the clipboard data and its source—server, topic, and item. Subsequent requests to update data use this source information to get new data from the server. Given a warm paste link, the server notifies the client Panther application of changes to linked data. However, the application must explicitly request data updates by calling sm_dde_client_request.

When the server notifies Panther that linked data has changed, Panther checks whether a callback function is installed and uses it to notify the application; otherwise, it uses its own callback function. Use sm_dde_install_notify to install a callback function.

Before creating a paste link, two conditions must be true:

Panther checks whether a connection to the server application already exists—for example, another open screen has a link to this server. If no connection exists, Panther attempts to establish one. After Panther verifies or establishes a connection, it creates a warm link between the widget and the data source.

This function can succeed only if the server application is already running; otherwise Panther posts an error message. If the link cannot be created, Panther posts an error message.