Programming Guide


Creates a send bundle

int sm_create_bundle(char *bundle_name);

The name of the buffer, or bundle, in which to store the send data. Bundle names can be up to 31 characters long. You can create up to ten bundles of send data in memory. One of these bundles can be unnamed. JPL's send and receive commands identify the unnamed bundle as the default bundle. Create an unnamed bundle by supplying a null argument.



sm_create_bundle creates a new send bundle. The bundle initially is empty. After you create a bundle, you can append data items to it and send data to those items through sm_append_bundle_item and sm_append_bundle_data, respectively.

If an existing bundle is already named bundle_name, Panther frees the existing bundle and replaces it with the new one. If ten bundles already are in memory, Panther removes the oldest bundle.