Programming Guide


Import data from XML in a character string

int sm_xml_import(char *xmlbuf);
int sm_n_xml_import(char *gsd, char *xmlbuf);
int sm_obj_xml_import(int *objid, char *xmlbuf);

A buffer containing the XML to import.

An expression indicating the screen or LDB that will receive data from the XML import. For example, @screen_num(-1) specifies the next to top screen on the form stack, and @ldb("customer_xml.scr") specifies the customer_xml.scr screen in the LDB.

An object id indicating the screen or LDB receiving the XML import.



sm_xml_import updates objects in the screen from data in the imported XML. In order for the XML import to work, the tags associated with widgets and their corresponding containers must match the tags in the XML file. For more information on using these functions, see Chapter 22, "Using XML Data," in the Application Development Guide.