Programming Guide


Initializes the video translation table

int sm_vinit(char *video_address);
int sm_n_vinit(char *video_file); 

The address of a memory-resident video file. Create this file with vid2bin and bin2c utilities, then compile it into the application.

The name of a video file, set in the SMVIDEO variable that is specified in the setup file or in the environment.



sm_vinit and sm_n_vinit initialize the video translation table. Panther uses one of these functions during program initialization, depending on whether the video file is memory-resident or resides on disk. These functions can also be called directly by an application program.

If sm_vinit fails, you can generate error messages through sm_inimsg. This function creates formatted output that you can display through other library functions like sm_fqui_msg.


/* Install a memory-resident video file */

extern char special_vid[];

sm_vinit (special_vid);