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Forces validation for the specified object

int sm_validate(int obj_id);
int sm_n_validate(char *widget_name);

Object ID of the widget or screen to be validated, obtained from sm_prop_id

The name of the widget to validate. For fields, an occurrence number or element number can be included. For example, sm_n_validate "field[[3]]") causes the third element of the named field to be validated.



sm_validate causes the specified widget or screen to be validated. The specified widget must be on the current screen.

The widget must be one of the following types:

Validation stops when a field fails validation or when a validation function returns a non-zero value. See sm_fval for more about field validation and sm_s_val for more about screen validation.


#include <smdefs.h>

/* Call a grid validation function and return if it fails.

validate (fieldnum, data, occurrence, bits)
int fieldnum, occurrence, bits;
char *data;
if (sm_n_validate("grid1")

/* Stop processing if grid validation function fails */
return 1;

See Also

sm_fval, sm_n_gval, sm_s_val