Programming Guide


Updates the contents of an option menu or combo box

int sm_upd_select(int fldno);
int sm_n_upd_select(char *fldname);

fldname, fldno
The name or field number of the option menu or combo box to update.


Motif, Windows



sm_upd_select updates the contents of an option menu or combo box with data from another screen. The widget must be defined to accept data from an external screen; otherwise, the function returns an error.

An option menu or combo box that gets its data from a screen can be initialized either on screen entry or each time the widget list displays, depending whether its initialization property is set to PV_FILL_AT_POPUP or PV_FILL_AT_INIT. Use sm_upd_select to force updates only if initialization is set to PV_FILL_AT_INIT.

Note: If fields on the external screen have initial data, LDB write-through is disabled for those fields.