Programming Guide


Generates a list of fields for the returned select set of a validation link operation

char *sm_tp_gen_val_return(char *tv);

The name of the first table view to traverse. Supply NULL pointer or an empty string to use the screen's root table view.


JetNet, TUXEDO; C only



sm_tp_gen_val_return returns a list of fields that can be used as an output argument for a service request implementing validation link processing. The fields are on the current screen and are used for the returned select set of the operation.

The list is returned in a temporary buffer whose contents remain valid until the next call to a sm_tp_gen_ function. So, you should use or save the return data immediately. When the last sm_tp_gen_ function is called, free the memory allocated for the buffer with sm_tp_free_arg_buf.

See Also

sm_tp_free_arg_buf, sm_tp_gen_val_link