Programming Guide


Reports an error condition

#include <tmusubs.h>
void sm_tm_error(char *caller_id, char *text, char *user_use, int severity);

A string used for identification; in Panther transactions models this is set to the module name followed by the function name where the event was triggered.

Null-terminated character string containing a message.

Null-terminated character string for user's message.

Severity level of the error.


sm_tm_error reports an error to the transaction manager error processor. The error is identified by the caller_id, text, user_use (if one exists) and severity. Errors are written to an error log file. If an error log file is not specified or if severity is less than the severity limit, nothing is written.

The character string parameters can contain white space but the first NULL character indicates the end of the string.

See Also

sm_tm_errorlog, sm_tm_msg_count_error, sm_tm_msg_emsg, sm_tm_command_emsgset, sm_tm_command_errset