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Saves partial screen contents

char *sm_sv_data(int first_field, int last_field);

first_field, last_field
Specifies the area to save. All data between first first_field and last_field, inclusive, is saved to the specified address.


C only



sm_sv_data saves the current screen's data from all fields numbered from first_field to last_field for external access or subsequent retrieval. Use sm_rs_data to restore the saved data to the screen.

Data items are stored as null-terminated character strings. The contents of a scrollable array is preceded by 2 bytes giving the total number of items saved (high order byte first); each item is preceded by two bytes of display attribute, and followed by a null. There is an additional null following all the scrolling data.

See Also

sm_rs_data, sm_save_data, sm_sv_free