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Loads a dynamic link library (DLL)

int sm_slib_load(char *lib_name);

The name of the dynamic library to load. The name can include its path. If lib_name is already loaded, Panther moves the library to the top of the stack of loaded libraries.





sm_slib_load makes the functions and other resources in lib_name available for installation. Resources can include bitmaps and icons. The library must be sharable—on Windows, a dynamic link library (DLL). To install a function from a loaded library, call sm_slib_install. After a function is installed, it can be called directly from a JPL module.

If the argument supplied for lib_name omits a path, Panther searches for the library in these locations:

  1. Panther's working directory
  2. Windows directory
  3. Windows system directory
  4. The executable's startup directory
  6. The list of directories mapped in a network

    Note: In the Windows distribution, Panther automatically loads the DLLs KEYBOARD, KERNEL, and USER, in that order. All functions in these libraries are available for installation.

All loaded libraries are automatically unloaded on program exit.

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